Social media management

The presence of any physician on social media platforms is critical to increase the awareness of potential patients about his/her medical expertise and the services the clinic provides; it is an effective means of communication with existing and new clients. social media platforms also helps in providing trusted medical information to patients that can enhance their loyalty to the doctor and his/her services.

 What is Social Media Platforms Management?

Managing social media platforms is the process in which you monitor and control your online engagement, and the content you deliver virtually to your audience and patients through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. social media platforms management goes beyond posting recent content on your clinic’s social media accounts. It also includes interacting with your audience through those channels and looking for new opportunities to increase your reach to potential patients.

 Why do you need Upper Medic for Social Media Platforms Management?

Managing physician’s social media platforms pages can be a challenging task for doctors. As they need to understand and adhere to the rules of social media platforms in order to create interactive medical content. Also, managing social media platforms in a random manner does not always pay off, because this function involves several technical steps and deep analysis, both of which will require the doctor to devote some time to fully grasp – and certainly most doctors do not have time on their hands. Hence, dealing with companies specialized in the field of medical marketing is the best approach to create meaningful and educational content that attracts audiences on various social media platforms. At Upper Medic we will deliver detailed and precise answers to the questions on your mind, such as:

  •  Who are my potential clients?
  •  What are their health concerns?
  •  Which Social Media platforms do they use?
  •  Which type of content attracts them?
  •  How do I outshine my competitors?
  •  Do I need to use sponsored ads?
  •  What are the best networking platforms that I need to focus on?

Beyond that, we take small professional steps to transform your digital presence into a new horizon and successfully usher you to the world of digital marketing

 The Steps Followed by Upper Medic to Manage Physician’s Social Media Accounts

  •  Evaluate the status of your social media accounts, and how they bolster your expertise among your competitors.
  •  Determine the target audience for your medical services, the location of your clinic, where most of your audience are present, and the platforms they interact with the most to build a “Buyer Persona” for your clients.
  •  Create a strategy and write content for your social media based on the nature of each platform; the content is diversified and directed to a specific Buyer Persona.
  •  Accurately schedule the written content to be published during the active times of your audience on this social media platform.
  •  Respond professionally to messages, comments, and inquiries to build an effective method of communication with your target audience.
  •  Create sponsored ad campaigns to reach more people who are not already following your page.
  •  Performance monitoring and reporting to analyze the effectiveness of the marketing strategies on all social media networks, and compare the results with the goals you have set.

Which Social Media Platforms are Most Suitable for Physicians?

Before building an effective social media strategy, you need to consider the best social media platforms for your medical field.


Facebook has around 2.7 billion active users monthly coming from diverse backgrounds with fair representation of ethnicities, genders, occupations, and age groups. This makes it a leading social media platform for physicians from all disciplines.


It is a great social media platform for medical professions that need to publish a lot of visual content. Instagram audience include the younger age group with more female users than males. This can be a great platform for pharmacies, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists.


Twitter has 321 million active users worldwide, and users tend to go there to get news and know what’s trending around the world. This platform is ideal for disciplines that want to publish latest information about common trends in their field. It is also a suitable platform to target audiences from the Arabian Gulf region because they are the most active users on Twitter in the Arab world.


It is a social media platform where you can publish content, interact, and share it with people based on medical specialty or title.


YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, second to Google. On YouTube, you can upload your video content to communicate with your audience and pass more entrenched video-based advertising messages.

How Do We Improve Your Social Media Strategy?

If you want make your clients and audience stay on your pages, you will need to constantly publish high-quality content. The only way to do this is to create a powerful strategy for each social media platform; that includes details and dates of what you intend to post on all channels.

Creating successful strategies is considered the best way to keep your marketing activities on the right track. We customize these strategies in a way that suits your medical specialty, your current performance on social media, and the goals you want to achieve during the upcoming period.

How Do We Publish Quality Content on Social Media?

A large part of managing social media platforms is to create and publish good, relevant, and attractive content. This does not only include writing content about your services, but also developing and innovating in the photos or videos posted with the content.

This aspect of social media platform management requires an in-depth understanding of each platform and your interacting audience. To learn the best content creation practices for each social media channel, and find out the type of content and topics that are most attractive to your target audience.

How Do We Interact with The Audience on Social Media?

Responding to followers on social media platforms is an integral part of social media management. When someone comments on your page with a question, this is an opportunity to explain your services and turn them into potential clients visiting your clinic.

Therefore, as part of managing your social media platforms, we routinely check any comments or messages across your channels. If you do not have time to do this, Upper Medic specialists will monitor your accounts every day, and always reply to your followers within 24 hours.

 Why Are Sponsored Ads Created on Social Media?

Creating and implementing ads on social media platforms is an essential part of managing social media. Although there is a way to communicate with potential customers through organic content, paid ads on social media will complement your marketing activities and allow you to target new customers and develop your business by advertising special services and offers.

The announcements of competitions and exclusive offers on Social Media are an effective way to increase the potential client base. There are many ways you can use exclusive offer ads to drive more traffic to your pages.

For example, posting ads on Facebook can help increase your clinic’s profit because it allows you to reach new customers targeted by age, gender, and residence. These are people who never visited your page in the past, but are encouraged to visit it after seeing your clinic’s Facebook advertisement.

If you plan to create specials ads, handling this process will be a part of the comprehensive tasks of managing your social media offered by Upper Medic.

 Can You Track Your Performance on Social Media Platforms?

As with any other digital marketing method, you need to track and measure your results on social media platforms over time. This way, you can know if your campaigns are achieving your marketing goals, so you can reallocate your resources accordingly.

The Upper Medic Performance Tracking reports help you determine which activities are the most beneficial to you. Once you know these details, you can start taking practical steps to improve your social media platforms strategy, and enhance your results now and in the long-term.

Which Elements Define the Success of Social Media Management?

  •  Publications reach the highest number of potential clients possible.
  •  Number of comments, messages, shares.
  •  The client’s traffic to the website and average time they stay on the site.
  •  The amount of Leads generated from paid ads.
  •  The increase in communication with your clinic through any other means, such as calls and WhatsApp messages.

 Why Is Social Media Management Important?

Now that you know the answers to your questions on social media management, it is time to understand its importance when it comes to your clinic, medical center, or your pharmacy.

The first reason: It is where your customers are

Perhaps the most obvious reason. Your potential patients are already active on social media, they want to see quality content about your experience and medical services; they prefer to get medical advice to know you more, and they also want to directly message you with their inquiries.

The second reason: Because it is an effective and inexpensive marketing method

Managing social media platforms is a cost-effective method of marketing, as it enables you to do more at a lower cost. It allows you to achieve better results when it comes to seeking leadership in your field, thus relieving the burden caused by high-cost traditional marketing strategies.

The third reason: It is the best exploitation of your private channels

Effectively managing your social media platforms offers you with a powerful opportunity to continuously publish valuable content and create true reach and engagement with your target audience. Social Media ads also help you reach new clients who are interested in your medical services.

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Why Choose Upper Medic to Manage Your Social Media Platforms?

  •  Because we have a specialized team to manage and monitor all your activities on different social media platforms.
  •  Because we work professionally to improve your relationships with your patients.
  •  We ensure that your page’s visual identity stays constant with every published post, profile photo and cover photo/video.
  •  We manage the creation, publishing, and scheduling of Sponsored Ads, to give you the best return of investment.
  •  We support you with our expertise in many aspects to improve your online presence as a distinguished physician.
  •  You can trust the accuracy of everything posted in your name because we have a dedicated team of professional doctors and pharmacists who write credible and attractive content.

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