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Every physician strives to be the best among his competitors and to attract the largest number of patients to his clinic so that his profits flourish. This can only occur when his medical services and knowledge are marketed online appropriately with a suitable budget. However, spending more money does not always grantee success. It is quite easy to waste money in digital marketing if a professional marketing partner does not correctly manage it. Today, you can contract Upper Medic as a professional digital marketing partner to enhance your reputation as a practitioner online, and avoid all the limitations met while investing in online marketing.

What is Social Media Ads Management?

Managing paid ads is a pivotal process for the success of your digital marketing strategy. It is a process that ensures the distribution of your financial budget for ads on social media platforms – that your target audience are active on – to achieve the best results. We can summarize it in two main points:

  •  Determining the budget based on the goal of the campaign.
  •  Following up and measuring the results of the campaign to evaluate its success.

Why Do Physicians Need Social Media Ads Management?

There is no doubt that marketing is an ancient process, that is older than capitalism itself. From the dawn of times, people were shouting in marketplaces to promote their goods, and others were putting up advertisement posters on walls to display their products.

Today, we have internet connecting devices in the hands of customers. Everything is online and equipped to display information about your services.

So, it became extremely useful for physicians in the 21st century to devote part of their marketing budget to digital marketing. The first rule of marketing is to go where the customers are, and ignoring internet users is now tantamount to isolating yourself from the largest potential audience.

How We Guarantee the Success of Managing Your Social Media ads Campaign?

We determine the Social Media ads campaign type and budget size for your promotional goal:

  • If your goal is to propagate, the best places to publish ads are platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • If your goal is to increase sales and conversions on the website, then Google is the best choice for such ads.

Finally, the results of the advertising campaigns are monitored daily to ensure that they reach the target audience and achieve the expected results.

How We Ensure Professionalism in Managing Your Social Media ads Campaign?

Before the Social Media ads begins:

We test a single piece of content with the lowest possible budget, and if it shows satisfactory results, we will boost it with an amount that is proportional to the goal of the advertisement. If the test does not produce promising results, we change the content and test a new ad.

During the campaign:

We monitor the results daily to ensure that the Social Media ads campaign is moving in the direction required to achieve the results promised, and when we see any problem with the results, we follow the proper steps to ensure campaign’s success.

After Social Media ads campaign ends:

Detailed reports are prepared on the performance of the marketing campaign and the extent to which it has achieved the desired goals.

How We Conduct Proper Budget Planning for Digital Marketing?

Here is how we work when it comes to setting your digital marketing or Social Media ads  budget, and making sure it is effective for your marketing strategy:

1. We define the goal of your marketing campaign

One of the most important steps in defining a Social Media ads budget is to set up clear and concise goals, as random marketing is a waste of time and money.

You must decide where you want to see your results, and you must know what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to raise awareness of your brand as a doctor in a specific field? Or do you want to enhance your communication with current patients? Are you only interested in increasing the number of leads for your clinic?

These are all completely different goals, requiring different approaches to digital marketing, so answers to these questions will have a major impact on your digital marketing plan, and how you’ll allocate your budget.

2. We analyze the past

Another crucial step in Social Media ads is knowing what worked and what did not work in previous marketing activities. This applies to the efforts of competing colleagues, and your own efforts – if you already have some experience in digital marketing.

We look closely at the reasons behind your results. Where was the success and why? Which of these efforts did not work for you? And why was it not effective, especially if these techniques were successful for other doctors?

Knowing what worked and what didn’t is one of the most valuable steps that lead to either the success or failure of your digital marketing game. You need this information to develop your clinic and support your reputation as a doctor among potential patients.

3. We customize your marketing plan and budget based on what works and what does not

Once you have set a goal and have an idea of what delivers best results, you can start dividing your budget based on these priorities.

If you created accounts in your name as a doctor on the social media platforms and started publishing content that yielded a poor return to your clinic, now is the time to take this platform to a new horizon of success with a professional marketing partner.

What Are the Benefits of Managing Social Media Ads with Upper Medic?

Upper Medic uses its expertise and skills to develop your online effort and take the steps necessary and Develop a suitable plan for social media ads optimization for you to attract more potential patients to visit your clinic. We will need to collect data, analyze it and inform you about what this data means and what are the best next steps for you.

We believe our strong relationships with our physicians is the key to our success, so we clearly share the responsibilities to facilitate the work and achieve our goals smoothly.

Upper Medic responsibilities:

  •  Explaining to our clients the nature of what we do and how it can positively impact their medical institution and always keeping them in the loop by sending periodic reports on social media stats.
  •  Help our client understand the reason behind our activities and why they are important.
  •  Communicate with the client regularly, frequently and effectively.
  •  Do what specifically suits the client.

The Physician’s responsibilities:

  •  Define his expectations from digital marketing.
  •  Ask questions to fully grasp the process.
  •  Holding the company accountable for the work it contracted for.
  •  Communicate regularly, frequently and effectively.
  •  Keep an eye on his social media accounts to early identify what he doesn’t see fit.

Make this Year a Transformational One for Vour Digital Presence as A Physician

Social Media ads is becoming more important year after year, so make sure you’re not left behind. Set your goals and the budget that you want to invest in digital marketing, and let us start with you a plan to develop your online presence.

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