Situation analysis

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Medical marketing executives in medical institutions always feel the need to invest in digital marketing to excel in a highly competitive job market (medical field), increase their profit, and further expand their reach. What role marketing analysts play in that? How does it help in achieving your marketing goals?

Marketing analysis is defined as an analysis of all digital marketing procedures and strategies. In medical marketing, it determines the current capabilities of the medical institution among its competitors in the same specialty or location. It can also identify the extent of the brand’s influence on current or potential patients, and it is a vital part of any medical marketing plan - with constant reviewing and periodic development. The marketing analyst studies the medical market to identify potential sales and market gaps. This step helps in understanding the services that are most attractive to patients, how they are targeted, and what price segment for each target group.

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Marketing analysis is one of the important steps in digital medical marketing

Medical marketing analysts usually do the following:

  • Monitor and forecast current medical digital marketing trends.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your medical marketing strategies.
  • Collect and analyze data and information about potential and current patients, competitors, and the market in terms of the services provided, as well as converting these complex data and results into interpretable and understandable tables and graphs that can be used later.

Marketing analysis helps in determining the online presence of the medical institution by searching for competitors in the same specialty and analyzing their methods and marketing channels; this information helps you identify potential customers and to which extent the market needs your services. In addition, knowing your potential customers is crucial in developing medical marketing plans and service promotion strategies.

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Marketing analysis gives a complete picture of medical marketing plans

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Marketing analysis offers valuable information about your medical marketing plans

To determine whether your marketing activities analysis is effective and provides real value it should be:

  • Simple and practical, easy to use by a medical marketer or decision-maker.
  • It must be clearly understood.
  • It focuses on the main factors that affect the medical institution, whether internal or external.
  • Clearly defines future goals for marketing goals.
  • Opens opportunities to more concrete measures in medical marketing plans and strategies.

If your medical center's marketing analysis does not provide most of these components, they must be reformulated.

Marketing analysis in the healthcare field is of great importance, due to the competitiveness of the field and the redundancy of services and specialties. Therefore, conducting a marketing analysis is an important step in assessing the current situation, developing current medical marketing strategies, and setting necessary deliverables. The process includes the following steps:

1- Analyze the online presence of the medical institution

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Evaluating the online presence of the clinic or medical center is the first stage of marketing analysis

Before visiting any physician or medical center, a large number of patients look them up online, what are the results that appear? Are the current data, contact info, address, and pictures of the medical facility present sufficient? In addition to the accessibility of the physician’s online platforms, is his digital presence appropriate and uses different source material? All of this data is analyzed separately and converted into real data and numbers that are easily comprehended. In Upper Medic, medical marketing consultants measure all of this information for you, put together a current situation report, and establish a solid marketing plan to facilitate the patient’s access to the service provider.

2- Analyzing the efficiency of your digital medical marketing activities

Your efficiency analysis should determine whether your marketing activities are appropriate for your medical brand or not? Are you achieving the required results? Is your budget providing a profitable Return of Investment? After analyzing the marketing activities, the results are presented on specific data charts to clarify the deficiencies, in a simple way that the medical marketing executive can make informed decisions regarding his strategies.

3- Choosing the most appropriate online platforms for the physician’s presence

One of the tasks in Situation Analysis is to analyze and evaluate the physician/clinic’s online presence. Is it sufficient for the physician and the medical specialty? Do current and potential patients adequately cover social media? Is the doctor satisfied with a Facebook page only? An example of this is the importance of choosing the most appropriate channels to be present; Instagram is suitable for doctors in the fields of dermatology and cosmetology due to its ease in displaying content that encourages patients to make a decision in favor of the clinic. YouTube is more appropriate to publish educational videos of the doctor or the features of the clinic. Here comes the role of marketing analysis in determining the best platforms to be present on and developing a strategy that targets the right audience and is efficient.

4- Evaluate the online reputation of the physician or the clinic

Your presence online is subject to positive and negative reviews by patients which can affect the public’s perception of your medical institution, affect the image of your brand, and reduce the new-patient rate. Your presence must be organized, whether on social media or your website where patients can share reviews and their opinion about you. Analyzing your reputation determines many of the features in your medical institution’s marketing management, and also identifies the right strategy for the future, and if your social media provides sufficient online presence? And if the physician does not have any online presence, what are the reviews available online and how they can be compiled accurately to distinguish between real and fake ones.

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Reputation management is one of the stages of marketing analysis

5- Study and analyze advertising expenditures:

Managing advertising spending is a central process in digital medical marketing, conducting a marketing analysis of the budgets that are spent in medical marketing in various platforms, whether on social media sites or on the website. Also, analyzing previously spent budgets and comparing them to the results, then create a new visualization of budgets based on these results, and set up key points to measure the success of your sponsored ads.

6- Comparison with competitors

One of the important steps of marketing analysis is competitor’s (same field or geographical area) analysis and comparison. Compare their online presence and reputation, ad budgets, quality of content, the relevancy of their visuals and designs, and frequency of publishing. After dissecting these points, you can determine your strengths and weaknesses, and the strategies that you must follow to make your medical marketing plans.

7- Building a digital marketing plan based on the information previously provided

Based on all previous studies and analyses, the data is converted into tables and represented in a clear and simple way that the decision-maker or medical marketing specialist can comprehend and come up with the right, beneficial decision.

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Marketing analysis gives clear information about developing marketing plans

In order to be able to analyze all the digital marketing activities of your medical institution, it is necessary to have the talent of a healthcare marketing company. In Upper Medic, we have a distinguished team of medical marketing consultants, making us your first choice when it comes to marketing analysis. Our team is:

  • Capable of effective communication;
  • Knowledgeable about all social media platforms and tactics, and the different marketing tools;
  • Dynamic and can deal with all medical sectors, whether it is a clinic, hospital, pharmacy, pharmaceutical company, or medical analysis laboratory.
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