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We create amazing motion graphic production because animated Video is the Best Strategy to grow your business.


Animated videos, or motion graphics, is a simple and effective marketing tool that increases your website’s traffic, as well as, your brand awareness and profit. Motion graphics can be a suitable tool in medical marketing as they are used to explain complex health concerns or specific medical procedures and attract audiences very easily.

Initially, the term Motion Graphic means interactive animations, it is simply a display of different images and graphics in a simplified way to present information easily. Motion graphic videos combine design and editing, where a group of images is collected with adjustments such as sound and visual effects to communicate an idea. Through the translation of the word Motion, we can conclude that the video depends on the idea of animation, whether the words or images used, it all depends on the idea of producing attractive, moving pictures of information and data that would be boring otherwise.

The types of motion graphics that are used in medical marketing differ according to several factors:

First, in terms of its purpose:

Promotional videos: Motion graphics videos can be used to promote medical services effectively, where it can be used to display those services in a user-friendly way. In addition, they’re used to announce offers provided by the physician/clinic, so they can be promoted on Social Media platforms.

Videos to present services: Motion graphics are used to offer a general view of the services provided by the clinic, medical center, or pharmacy to attract and engage potential customers and increase existing customers’ trust.

Example of a Motion Graphics video displaying pharmacy services

Educational videos: It is the most popular form of motion graphics videos in medical marketing, where these videos are used to explain health problems and provide medical advice in a simplified form. Motion graphics express those tips more efficiently than pictures and medical articles, since a one-minute video can illustrate the idea in a way that the audience finds entertaining and captivating.

A simplified explanation of a medical procedure using Motion Graphics

Awareness videos: To raise awareness of a problem or the risks of disease, motion graphic videos can be a powerful tool, as it explains the information clearly using movements, visual effects, and audio that motivates the viewer to pay attention and remember the information.

Publishing a simple educational video using Motion Graphics

In the beginning, the method used to produce and design motion graphics clips may differ, but generally, they do not divert from the following steps - even if the order changes from one agency to the other:

1- Medical Content Creation

The first step in producing a motion graphics video is writing the appropriate medical content - after knowing the purpose of the video; whether promotional, educational or to display medical services. The content created for motion videos is different from other content where we use easier and more simple language and avoid using medical, uncommon abbreviations.

2- Create the visuals for each frame

In order to create motion video boards, a team - of medical design professionals - need to select images and symbols that resemble medical and scientific terms accurately. Educational videos need a designer who understands the content well before converting it to animations with the same message.

3- Animating

This step is related to creating panels, and it plays an important role in grabbing the viewer’s attention through the entire duration of the video. This distinguishes motion graphic videos from any other type.

4- Choose the right soundtrack or voiceover

Whether music or other content, it must be chosen carefully to fit the context, express the content, and clarify the general idea of the video. For example, when choosing a soundtrack for an educational motion video it differs from choosing a soundtrack for a promotional video. In some cases, motion videos need voiceover which plays an important role in facilitating and explaining medical content.

5- Review

After completing all the steps in motion graphics production, all steps are reviewed and checked for any scientific or design errors.

There are several factors that contribute to the price of motion graphics production. Here are some of the factors that affect the pricing of such videos:

The technology used: The technology used plays an important role in the designing process. For example, pricing differs in the case of two-dimensional video production, and the animation plays an important role in all elements. Also, if a distinctive animation character is designed for the clinic to be used as a trademark, rates will vary accordingly.

Video Duration: The longer duration of the video, the higher the cost. However, specific packages or pricing systems may be placed so that the final price per minute is less than the regular price in individual videos.

Delivery time: Motion graphics videos have specific steps to produce, each of which depends on what preceded it. In the event that a motion video is needed in a short time, the agency responsible for production will need to run more resources, the number of workers and designers, which increases the price per minute of video produced.

Soundtrack: Increases the price of the motion video in the case of producing exclusive music for the institution, whether a clinic, medical center or even a pharmacy and can be used more than once as a distinctive soundtrack.

Voiceover: In the case of using the voiceover feature, the price of one-minute increases - whether in Egyptian dialect or other Arabic accents or English.

Video Theme and Format: One minute sponsored video production is different from tutorial videos.

The number of copies produced: If several copies need to be produced, for example, to display them in the clinic in addition to the copies that are produced for digital marketing, the sizes vary according to the place it will be viewed on.

Currently, motion graphics have become an important tool in medical marketing, as most medical centers and hospitals rely on them and spend a lot to get an attractive motion graphic video that communicates the idea easily on their social media platforms or website. If you are one of the medical marketing executives of a hospital, medical center, or a physician who owns a clinic and wants to attract new patients, you can use motion graphics to attract potential or existing customers through distinctive clips that reflect your brand and story.

Motion graphics have many advantages that can be used in medical marketing:

Brand awareness

People remember motion graphics, animation, and eye-catching clips more easily. The power of visual memory can never be underestimated, as the user recognizes your brand by understanding the simplified message presented in an attractive way, and motion graphics allows different variations according to the demographics of your target audience.

Get a real reaction

Motion graphics get many comments from viewers, which includes existing and potential customers, as they can watch a video about the services you provide at the medical institutions. Comments are an important method of engagement, which helps you develop and improve your services based on the general public’s opinion.

Promote among patients

When watching a motion graphics video, the viewer’s engagement does not stop here, but each of them wants to share it with their social circle; as a good video can quickly spread through social media platforms. Before the services are promoted or motion graphics are produced, the brand is studied well, as well as, your social media platforms.

Play an important role in SEO

Everyone seeks to be on the top of search engine results. In the world of video content, if a video is created to promote your brand, users are more likely to see it on the first page of search results when searching for related keywords. In addition to the impact of Backlinks and the positive impact on the ranking of your website, this is where SEO comes into play. To improve your position further, make sure you use the right keywords related to the titles, tags, and descriptions of your videos.

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