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Today, it is necessary for your medical institution to have a website - especially for small emerging clinics - to keep up with the pace and adapt to this online world. If you are planning to get more clients, you need to set up a medical website to be permanently present when they need to find information about your services. If you are wondering how important it is for your company to own a website, here is a quick article on the benefits of having your own website.

1- Communicate with patients throughout the day.

Your presence on various websites gives you the opportunity to reach patients 24/7 - even outside your working hours. For example, if a client searches for you at one o'clock in the morning, he can access all the information, and he can even book an appointment with a click of a button. It also allows to reach many customers in different geographical locations around the world.

2- Building trust with your patients.

Consider any patient’s thought process. As soon as they hear about a specific service, they directly Google it. Therefore, owning a medical website, that is up-to-date and meets SEO requirements, gives you an opportunity to appear more in the first search results. Which makes clients trust you more as they consider institutions that own a website and appear in the top search results to be more reliable in this field.

3- Lower costs.

A website is a low-cost marketing method compared to other methods of digital marketing. Since, you pay the full cost once and enjoy endless benefits, such as:

  • Getting more customers without having to pay more for sponsored ads.
  • Enjoying free or almost symbolic hosting fees.

4- A semi-free way to showcase more of your work.

Regardless of the type of medical services you provide, having a website is a way to highlight your clinic without having to pay more money. You can do this by adding an image and video gallery within your website to enable documenting cases before and after, TV interviews and different testimonials to build trust between you and the patient.

5- Increase sales

Have you ever thought about the methods used by medical institutions to increase their profit? In fact, you might think is right is to cut spending and increase profits. To reach this point of balance between spending and gaining, you should consider creating a medical website to reduce marketing monthly expenditures. Through the features of the website, it will not cost much monthly and will remain available to the patient 24/7; giving you a greater opportunity to communicate with a wider range of potential clients.

The type of website controls the nature of its work and the impression it leaves on the visitor’s mind. Therefore, experts divided websites into several types, including:

1- Static Websites

Static website is usually a simple website in which changes cannot be made in terms of traffic and data, and usually needs a professional web designer to make any changes.

This type of is characterized by cheap prices compared to other types in terms of work, design, and hosting.

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2- Dynamic Websites

This type of website is the most advanced because it allows the user to update the site and the data without the need for experts, as the client can manage it on their own, but it is more expensive than other types of websites.

One of the key features of this type is the user-friendly interface and the ability to edit and add content easily.

3- E-commerce sites

If the main goal of your medical activity is to sell products on the website to earn more money and clients, then this type of site is best suited to you, because it gives you the opportunity to provide them with electronic payment services through credit cards, PayPal, or any other method.

1- Determine your domain name

The domain is the name of the website that you want people to search for on Google digital platforms, which is purchased based on your personal desire, at an annual cost that does not exceed 8-35 dollars. It is done through websites designated for this process.

Upper Medic hosting service is also available, so you can choose one of the pre-existing names within our company and pay its expenses only, which eases the process of searching and managing your website.

2- Host your medical site

Hosting the website is necessary because it when the website is on the internet and is the first online storage library as it includes the information, pictures, videos, and other content that is on your website.

Therefore, we are keen on to provide you with a hosting service with the ability to support and link the data on your website and its management.

Our web hosting packages are divided into a variety of different disk spaces to transfer the monthly data of your website, so our experts will help you choose the right package.

In case you need to increase the hosting capacity over time, you can easily purchase a new one and expand the utilities of your website.

3- Website design

Your audience develop their first impression by visiting your website and quickly browsing through it to judge of your clinic.

Web design is important because it affects how your audience perceive your brand. The impression you leave can either make them stay on your website to know more about your business, or leave your page and turn into another service provider.

So, one of the essential steps while creating a website is to make sure that the web design is attractive and leaves a positive impact on users.

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We believe in the importance of your website’s design and its ability to increase the number of visitors to your clinic. We provide you with a medical team specialized in the technical tasks of web design to ensure the success of your digital marketing plans.

If you would like to build a professional medical website that highlight your medical activity and helps it grow in terms of clients, contact us now to contact a specialist in marketing and web design.

4- Setting up the website with SEO Optimization

Your goal is to increase the number of visitors to your clinic through your website, that is also our goal!

SEO is important because it controls search platforms and helps your website appear among the first results. This will increase your patient’s confidence and reassurance in you, making you a trusted pillar in your field.

Therefore, you need to update your website continuously and periodically with SEO requirements, and this is what Upper Medic will provide you.

In Upper Medic, we improve your website in terms of SEO to make it more suitable for users and researchers find you at the top of search results.

5- Launching the website

Launching your new website is a major step to get started! At Upper Medic, we implement a list of tasks before and after the launch. This way we make sure that all the strengths and weaknesses of your website are identified. We cooperate with you in every step to ensure your website is fully equipped and prepared.

6- Post-launch website services

Upper Medic’s tasks do not end with launching your website; we offer post-launch services to make sure the website is working perfectly and to make any changes to the site to suit you and the customer.

We also deal with hosting and configuring the website continuously even after the launch, and offer monthly statistics on the traffic and engagement of the website to develop it to suit your vision and goals.

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Are you considering creating a medical website for your organization? Upper Medic’s marketing experts are waiting for you to start achieving your goals of being on the top of search results.

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