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People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 70% of what they both hear and see! No wonder medical media production is now the most powerful digital marketing tool in all disciplines, especially the medical field, where high-quality medical videos and media can build a compelling reputation for the doctor online. Media is the fastest growing form of content, and we are excited to be able to offer innovative and creative solutions to our customers to develop their online presence.

Types of Medical Media Offered by Upper Medic

Motion graphics videos:

Motion Graphics video are a type of medical media and is the most simplified medium for complex ideas and attractive marketing messages because it relies on graphics, colors, and sounds that capture the audience’s senses and grab their attention to easily understand the advertised messages.

Filmed Videos:

It is also considered one of the types that are used in medical media, The most effective method of communication with your patient on the social media, is to use visual aid that instils a stronger reputation and image of the physician. There are short videos which are suitable for social media channels and longer videos published on YouTube and other platforms.

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Readjusted TV interviews:

This method is one of the best methods that are used in medical media, and We edit interviews made by the physician on TV talk-shows and re-publish them to social media in a user-friendly way to increase the interaction rate on this media and use it to its fullest potential.

The Process of Medical Media Production

1. Topic Selection and Script Writing

This step is crucial in designing and producing medical media for the medical sector because it lays out the topics that are important to your target audience. Choosing topics that tackle your audience’s medical problems is your golden token to gain their attention and engagement with your content and achieve the desired goal of video marketing.

Our team analyzes what interests your target audience and suggests topics that motivate them to interact. Then, our talented writers – coming from different medical backgrounds – start writing the full script for the video that answer the viewers’ inquiries.

2. Photography or Storyboard Creation

In order to create high quality medical media production, We create an appointment with the physician to shoot the video. The location can either be in Upper Medic’s fully equipped studio or based on the doctor’s choice, such as the clinic or the hospital where he works.

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And we create medical media using several means through Motion Graphics video production, our team visualizes and creates a storyboard that illustrates every detail of the written script. Then we start creating the video while ensuring it is of a high-quality.

3. Editing, Final Cutting, and Adding Subtitles

After we conclude the filming process, we make final adjustments and editing touches, crop the content to ensure consistency and merge the video as one attractive, smooth unit. Sometimes, we add subtitles to the video to further clarify words and grab the attention of the viewer.

Why medical media Production the Future of Healthcare Marketing?

We are not exaggerating when we say that the professionality of your medical media you provide on social media gives you with a solid ground in marketing your medical services.

Important numbers:

  • More than 65% of people learn with visual content.
  •  About 90% of the information our brain processes are visual.
  • Messages sent with visual graphics are 43% more effective.

Knowledge is a powerful tool

With video clips or motion graphics, you can explain complex topics in a format that your patients can easily understand, thereby, giving your customers the knowledge needed to make the right decisions.

medical media has an innate advantage

Most people have an innate psychological preference toward visual content. According to a report, about 54% of patients prefer to receive useful information in the form of videos rather than social media posts.

medical media conveys your emotions

By medical media through videos, you can convey unlimited emotions to the audience. Human emotions are more likely to attract customer loyalty. This is why pages with video content perform 80% better than those without.

Therefore, video marketing is vital in digital marketing strategies for healthcare institutions, regardless of their size, specialty, and location. Most healthcare marketers use video marketing to communicate with existing and potential patients, engage with them and turn them into new visitors to the clinic or hospital.

Brand building and video content marketing go hand in hand. If you are looking to improve your digital presence as a doctor and want to become a leader in your field, then you need to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Important Statistics Regarding Digital Marketing Using Medical Media Content

To attract 87% of the adults looking for health-related information online, videos must be a main part of your marketing strategy.

Not only online users interact and respond more with visual content, but it has become increasingly clear that Google also prefers content that has video than text-only content, as websites with visual content have higher ranks in search results.

Another study also found that 80% of online visitors watch a video, while only 20% will read a part of the written content.

Majority of marketers consider producing several types of video as an indispensable tool. Where 51.9% of marketing professionals consider video marketing to be the most effective return on investment.

Producing medical media requires experience in copywriting, designing, and the videography for different social media platforms, websites, or YouTube for promotional or educational purposes with the aim of direct or indirect marketing for healthcare institutions.

Upper Medic guides you step-by-step to produce medical visual videos to increase the audience’s interaction with your services. This journey includes the following:

  •  Drafting the concept or topic that the video will present.
  •  Writing a unique script and presenting it to the physician, or create a storyboard in case of motion graphic videos.
  • Plan and facilitate all aspects of filming and videography.
  •  Make our final touches to increase the quality of the final product.

For more information on how we can help you and our services.

Types of Media that Physicians Can Offer and their Benefits

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1. Live video

Consider using these technologies in 2020 to enrich your medical practice for your target audience. As all platforms now support live video (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter), live video and podcasts bring a more interactive feature to healthcare marketing.

When you have a new medical media procedure or perhaps a new medical device that makes the procedures safer, or the diagnosis more accurate, showcase it in live videos! Patients want to interact with your services directly, they want to ask you questions and get immediate answers through a live video.

With these simple techniques you’ll be viewed as an expert in your field because you provide your audience with prompt, practical advice in live videos.

We can help you by suggesting topics of interest to the audience as well as suggest the best time during the day – or the week – for live broadcasting, or we can film the video earlier and scheduling it to be published during your preferred timing.

2. Long YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the largest websites and search engines in the world, and for this reason, it plays a key role in the success of marketing strategies for all medical disciplines.

YouTube is the perfect platform In the production of medical media to share videos for informational, entertainment and advertising purposes. It is highly recommended for medical organizations to use it to reach patients and communicate with them in the way they prefer.

Why YouTube?

  •  Allows doctors to speak directly to patients.
  •  Help hospitals and clinics highlight their uniqueness.
  •  Gives room to physicians to explain and promote his services.
  •  Non-profit medical institutions help attract investors.
  •  Doctors can educate their patients and provide them with valuable information.
  •  Videos posted on YouTube are watched by a diverse audience.

Part of YouTube’s appeal is how anyone can search, view, and share their videos at any time. By giving people unrestricted access to these videos, you reach more patients every minute.

Since accessing these videos is free of charge, patients discover medical providers themselves with the utmost convenience.

Contact us now, and learn how YouTube can transform your healthcare marketing strategy.

3. Short videos (15 – 180 seconds)

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Short video content is great to captivate your audience’s attention. Using a mixture of distinct types of videos will help attract customers in various stages.

Among its advantages:

  •  Increase traffic to your website and Social Media.
  •  Raise awareness of your services and your brand as a distinctive practitioner.
  •  Improve conversion rates and your audience become your clinic’s client quickly.

Its types:

1. Explanatory Videos:

An ideal way to reach your target audience is by answering frequently asked questions in a video. These short videos should be informative but entertaining. Make the content simple, otherwise your audience will lose interest if you bombard them with tough medical details.

2. Informational Videos:

An excellent opportunity to share key facts, statistics, and info-graphs. These videos can be entertaining as well as educational, if created using Motion Graphics and animations that everyone love.

3. Stories:

They are special videos created on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. It helps increase interaction rates, as well as increase your website’s traffic.

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Why Filmed Videos are Essential in Digital Marketing in healthcare?

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Trust: Trust is important for any brand. For medical services, trust is everything, and is the strongest sign of effective communication; videos are the best way to do this.

Interaction and reach: Videos let you interact directly with patients and the public. It is a transparent and personal method. Content with the purpose of health education strengthens search engines results, which expands your reach to potential patients across different platforms.

We consider videos an integral part of our philosophy and services, and it is one of the biggest services we are passionate about in Upper Medic. We work closely with our clients at every stage of the process, from planning and strategy to production and marketing, and monitoring the impact of your video content and achieving success.

The Correlation Between Medical Media Production and Increasing the Number of Potenti

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al Patients

  • Majority of Internet users will search for a video related to the treatment or service they are considering, and this will make them more likely contact the service provider that appeared in the video!
  • Studies also show that your visitors are 84% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it. It also increases your audience conversion rate by 80%.
  • The average user spends 88% more time on your website if you have video content. The longer your visitors interact with your site, the more chances that those visits will end with the decision to contact you.
  • Videos can help your business get 66% more qualified leads per year. Not only do they help visitors build confidence in their medical services provider, but they also attract patients familiar with those services.
  • At Upper Medic, as medical media professionals, we can do all the challenging work for you. From research to production to posting and promoting your videos.
  • We will determine your main target audience, and we will work with you to create comprehensive content strategies, with professional photography that displays your experiences, to produce great videos that you can publish on your social media platforms.
  • If you would like to explore healthcare marketing using visual media – such as videos – feel free to contact us today.

Importance of Medical Media for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Being among the search results on the first page of Google is every business’ priority. Forrester Research found that websites that use video are 53 times more likely to appear on the first Google page than websites with regular text.

Video content affects four metrics on major search engines and improves search rankings, helping you to climb to the top of the search engine results.

High-quality content that answers user inquiries appears higher in search:

Search engines love video, but not all video content is a priority. Short informational videos answering user inquiries account for 80% of the videos that appear at top of the search results, such as medical videos that explain the ideal procedures and treatments to patients.

Increase user access to your website:

Search results containing videos have a 41% higher clickthrough rate than just-text websites. By embedding videos on your site, you will increase traffic to your website traffic rather than an external link to websites like YouTube.

Increase the user time-on-site:

Online users’ attention span is very short. The average user leaves the webpage within 20 seconds. Video content helps make your pages worth staying on. Users who watch a video on your site will stay longer, which helps reduce the bounce rate from your website.

Increase audience engagement with your videos:

Usually, video content is attractive and easy to digest, and it is also more shareable between audiences.

Medical Media Marketing Strategy

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Videos work best when they fit within your medical media campaigns vision and marketing goals, so we will develop the best strategy for your video content. Rigorous search conducted by our dedicated team to study and gather SEO methods along with marketing statistics, will help you find the most effective digital marketing approach for your medical institution.

In addition, we provide you with a schedule to promote your video content monthly to take your SEO and social media campaigns to the next level, and set clear monthly goals and Return of Investment.

To further discuss how medical media can help your brand as a doctor, or learn more about the best healthcare marketing practices, contact us now.

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