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Writing medical content with the purpose of healthcare marketing is difficult. If it were easy, content writing would be available to anyone.

No matter what is your specialty, if you work in the medical sector and are looking for tips to write medical content to market your medical institution, here is an article by Upper Medic that will walk you through everything you are looking for in medical content creation.

Digital marketing using medical content for healthcare depends on the right marketing strategies that help institutions attract new patients and raise awareness of their services.

Now, did you know that content marketing is the foundation in 2020?

Writing strong scientific content that focuses on healthcare and medical topics is one of the most difficult steps in medical marketing. Creating strong medical content, brings unique opportunities full of challenges and impressive results.

At Upper Medic, we offer you content that:

  •  Follows changes and development in SEO;
  •  Is useful, but not boring, to the reader;
  •  Is suitably priced.

To get all of the above benefits in the medical content you want to provide to your patients, you should use the expertise of a content writing company to discover the challenges faced in medical content creation and overcome them.

What is Medical Copywriting?

Writing medical content with the goal of digital marketing is a concept that is recently heard in the medical field frequently, as commercial establishments have been using this method of marketing for a long time and succeeded in attracting clients effectively.

The question remains here: What is copywriting? Medical copywriting is using scientific information to create content that is understandable by your target audience – patients, the public or doctors – through professional writing skills.

Today, patients are attracted to medical content posted online, rather than getting lost in search results that appear from Google, making your content their preferred choice.

Asa result, you gain benefits and you:

  •  Become their reliable source of information;
  •  Are a doctor they trust
  •  Convert your audience from readers/audience to current patients at your clinic.

Thus, medical content on the internet by a physician is considered a digital medical library and it is the best place for patients to seek medical information.

What is Medical Content Marketing?

“The purpose of medical content marketing is to attract and retain customers, by constantly creating relevant and valuable content with the aim of changing or improving consumer behavior,” according to users at the Content Marketing Institute.

Our content marketing strategies include publishing and sharing content online through:

  • Blogs.
  • Email messages .
  •  YouTube Videos
  • Social media posts .

Relying on content creation companies specialized in healthcare marketing to publish unique medical content makes you an intellectual leader in your field, and helps you develop a level of trust with potential patients.

Also, constantly updating your website with new medical content that complies with the SEO rules will put you at the top results of the search engine.

The higher your rank in the result, the more likely it is to attract patients online.

What is the Importance of Medical Content in Healthcare Marketing?

Today, about 83% of healthcare organizations use medical copywriting as a marketing tool to increase patient attraction and build mutual trust with the audience in general.

Whereas, when patients search for their healthcare options, they target valuable content in the form of:

  • Blog posts .
  • E-books .
  • video clips .
  • Pictures and graphs .
  • Social media posts .

So, providing the right content at the right time, increases your credibility and increases the likelihood of acquiring new patients and gaining their loyalty.

And recent studies have shown that:

  • 80% of patients search online for medical information.
  • 20% of medical service seekers aim to reach a specific doctor.
  • Now more than ever, you need to write your medical content in its best form for a successful marketing experience.

What Are the Benefits of Medical Content Marketing?

According to patients :

  •  Content marketing gives them the valuable and useful information they are looking for that helps them feel comfortable.
  •  It helps the patient visit doctor’s website for medical information instead of general websites.

According to the physician :

  •  Publishing articles regularly on your website makes you appear as an expert in your field to patients.
  •  Regularly updating the content on your website leads to your classification within the first results from Google, which means that you will appear to more people.

Upper Medic’s Medical Content Marketing Processes

Focus on writing high-quality, accurate content

One study demonstrated that about 66% of Internet users search for information about a specific medical problem.

To fulfill your desire to reach more potential patients, we provide our clients with a team of content writers, consisting of doctors and pharmacists, specializing in writing accurate and credible medical content.

We also provide medical content catered for each platform based on its publishing rules, and create content that is relevant to your medical field and area of expertise from reliable medical sources.

Start a blog for the physician

Continuously creating medical content is one of the most efficient ways of search engine optimization (SEO), which includes:

  •  Appearing in initial free results in search engines;
  •  Increasing traffic to your website;
  •  Building credibility with your patients.

That’s why we focus on writing medical articles about topics that your target audience care about. This will build rapport between you and your audience and make you a reliable source of information.

Produce more video content

In 2019, videos accounted for about 85% of all internet traffic.

Videos created by Upper Medic maintain certain standards, such as:

  • Attractive.
  • Easy to consume .
  •  Sharable between patients .

Therefore, we utilize it to share health information from doctors with patients, present previous patient’s journey in your clinic, deliver educational content, spread awareness about your services, and other functions.

Use the appropriate method of writing for your audience

Instead of using complex medical terms, we simplify this scientific language to make the information more appealing to the audience, and explain it in a way that corresponds with the culture of your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While writing our medical content, we depend on the keywords used by the audience to look for medical information, medical institutes and physicians. This will make your content meet the requirements of search engines and will rank your website at the top of the search results; that you reach more people.

Studies have shown that 47% of internet users are searching for information about physicians and healthcare entities during their time online.

Use social media platforms

Providing content on social media that encourages interaction and engagement, ensures the doctor builds long-term trust between with the audience and turns them into existing clients.

In Upper Medic, we create content for all social media platforms including:

  •  Facebook – the most popular social media platform .
  •  Instagram.
  •  LinkedIn.
  •  Twitter.

Publishing content on a regular basis

We provide a publishing strategy on a quarterly basis; to ensure regular and useful content is provided to the target audience – mentioning the physician’s services, and highlight his experience and the modern devices that he uses. The strategy also includes the publishing dates and follow up on the results of paid advertisements.

Why Medical Copywriting is An Essential Part of Healthcare Marketing?

Here’s why you need to create unique and distinctive medical content:

It gives you power

Why would someone choose you or your medical institution rather than your competitors? Why are you perceived differently? It appears that medical copywriting does not only highlight the physician’s experience, knowledge, and share latest treatment techniques, but it also builds sense of credibility and trust between you and the patient.

Build your brand

Having a prominent brand boosts your customers’ confidence in you and helps transform them into current clients. Medical content that contributes to building your brand include:

  •  Publishing articles .
  • Videos .
  •  Posts via Facebook .
  •  Live video on Instagram, etc. .

Building relationships that turn into revenue

Content builds a strong relationship with the audience, makes people relate to you and your brand and helps them trust what you offer. This trust makes them consider you as their go-to choice now and in the future, because you’ve proved your qualifications and helped them in the past.

In the end, the benefits you want to achieve from medical content marketing requires the experience of a company that is specialized in medical content marketing in the field of healthcare marketing.

In the end, the benefits you want to achieve from medical content marketing requires the experience of a company that is specialized in medical content marketing in the field of healthcare marketing.

Don’t tire yourself looking for medical copywriting companies to achieve your goals! We, at Upper Medic, are here to help you achieve them.

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