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Medical video marketing plays a prominent role in healthcare marketing (hospitals, clinics and medical centers). We always say "seeing is believing" and this is considered true in healthcare and medical marketing to a large extent.

Patients want to get an immediate look at the latest medical equipment available, the doctor's clinic, the services provided, or previous cases’ success. This makes them more comfortable and confident in the doctor’s professionalism.

The best way for healthcare institutions to gain this credibility is to choose medical video marketing.

  • 80% of online visitors watch videos while only 20% read written content. (Digital Sherpa)
  • 87% of patients use an online search engine to get healthcare information, while Google - the most popular search engine - ranks the video 53 times higher than text. (TechSN)
  • 52% of marketers consider videos as the best type of content with maximum return on investment. (eMarketer)
  • 80% of internet traffic is towards videos. (Brainshark)
  • Video medical marketing is a vital tool for healthcare clients as 63% of customers use videos to see the level of service provided by healthcare providers, and 63% of these viewers call the physician right after watching the video. (Google Think Insights)
  • 50% of consumers search for a video of the service before making a decision.
  • 59% of executives affirm that when it comes to choosing between reading text and watching videos, they choose the video.
  • People share videos with 1200% more than text and images combined.

All the above statistics prove that medical video marketing is an effective brand and marketing tool for healthcare centers of all kinds.

Not all videos are created in the same format and pace, there are many types to consider depending on the needs of your clinic, hospital, or medical center.

Choosing the right video style will expand your reach for patients, clients or potential decision-makers.

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Video marketing is now used in all fields - and healthcare is no exception. Medical video marketing gives healthcare an opportunity to connect with, and educate patients about new services and modern devices emerging in the healthcare field.

Healthcare must harness the power of medical video marketing under the supervision of marketing companies specializing in healthcare digital marketing to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the videos produced.

It should be noted that medical video marketing has a strong impact in the healthcare marketing field, such as:

1. Increase brand awareness and customer engagement

With the intense competition between hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, patients are often unable to choose the right place for their medical needs.

But with a short video on YouTube or as a Google ad, this glorifies you as an option to many patients. This video can also increase their awareness about the services and their efficacy.

There are many types of medical videos that you can offer, such as:

  • About the clinic, center or hospital
  • Your services
  • The medical staff accompanying you
  • Your professional experience and skills;
  • The equipment and the latest technological devices used to attract patients ’attention and gain their confidence.

These videos can also be posted on the doctor’s website, uploaded to YouTube channels, or marketed as video ads.

2. Enhance your credibility and reputation

Whether you own a hospital, medical center, or even a clinic, it is best to include the professional expertise of doctors through short videos that explain complex medical procedures.

Videos can also contain Q&A sessions where common inquiries are clarified, and it should be noted that medical marketing with video content enhances the professional standing of both the doctor and the hospital.

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You can gain patients' trust by uploading videos with testimonials by patients with previous experience in your clinic or hospital; as videos that contain reviews of former clients greatly affect the reliability and reputation of the medical facility.

3. Sharing videos increases patient referrals

Medical marketing in the healthcare field relies heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations or endorsement from previous patients.

The main advantage of videos is that they are easily shared by the audience to their own community, friends, and families.

These shared videos are also evidence of patient’s sincerity and increase the connection with potential patients.

4. Improve the search engine rankings of the physician’s website

SEO is vital to new customer acquisition and brand improvement, as medical marketing with video content increases the hospital’s website ranking on search engines.

Videos provide an attractive experience for online visitors and direct them to the hospital website, as these visitors tend to stay longer on the website while browsing the videos, compared to reading the content.

Also, marketing with video content can rank your website’s on the first page of search results and increase its visibility, awareness, and accessibility.

5. Build an audience

It is very important that each health institution has a group of loyal patients, and an online audience or community can only be built with medical video marketing.

Explanatory videos about health procedures or conditions increase the opportunity to build a loyal audience and guarantee their recommendations to other patients.

Therefore, all healthcare providers should use medical video marketing with the help of digital marketing companies specializing in the marketing and improvement of medical brands - such as hospitals, centers, and clinics.

Videos for healthcare providers are available in all shapes and sizes but most commonly used are:

  • Videos about the doctor's practice
  • Videos about the services provided
  • Videos of patient’s testimonials
  • Videos of the center or clinic and about the latest available devices.

Videos can humanize institutions, especially in healthcare, where the use of medical video marketing helps patients feel valued and make them communicate with their physicians.

Here are some of the different types of videos we produce in Upper Medic to attract and educate patients for the healthcare field:

Videos of patients’ testimonials

All patients like to hear success stories of cases similar to theirs. Patient testimonials influence new patient decisions, especially from the emotional side, which helps prospective clients trust the healthcare provider more.

Welcome videos on the website

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Welcome videos are one of the ways you can reach potential patients, they are videos that explain to the visitor the website and the healthcare institutions and give them a tour of all services.

Effective healthcare marketing keeps clients up-to-date and ensures that patients retain important information, but this must be done by digital marketing professionals to utilize this feature effectively.

Educational videos and explanation of the services provided

80% of patients search for doctors before making an appointment because they want to see their doctors. Incorporating educational videos on your website or YouTube channel is a great way to introduce yourself to the patient before he visits the clinic and books an appointment.

The tutorial video is the best way to tackle their fears and explain how the procedures work, so patients are more informed and more likely to ask questions.

Motion graphic videos

Motion videos can be used to educate patients about different conditions, as well as, clarify signs and symptoms, and methods to avoid disease complications.

Medical video marketing should not only be used on the website, but should also be used on social media as it is also a powerful tool in marketing.

Creating a YouTube channel is also an excellent way to present your content to the audience. Youtube videos are easy to make and share, making it a vital marketing tool for any healthcare organization.

This is why many healthcare marketers tend to use videos to attract patients to clinics and gain their loyalty.

Videos have the ability to grab the visitor’s attention more than other marketing tools. It gives the viewer an opportunity to connect emotionally with the medical institution while learning about what the doctor has to offer.

In the end, we at Upper Medic work on producing different marketing videos professionally, so they are utilized to their maximum potential in the healthcare field.

We also suggest the best approach to gain profit, engage your target audience, as well as create medical video content.

Now, all you should do is to contact us and you will find the results in the fastest time.

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