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Many physician’s may ask about Google ads optimization and what is their purpose? If it is useful in the medical sector as it is in other sectors, or do they only drain dollars for nothing?

Naturally, many healthcare institutions and medical centers want to increase the number of patients visiting them, but since they are part of the auxiliary occupations, they do not want to appear in an explicit or undesirable appearance.

Now, the use of social media and other online applications is a must to keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving digital marketing.

Google Ads Optimization are a fast and reliable way to get more interest, revenue and inquiries for your clinic or healthcare organization.

What are Google Ads Optimization?

Google Ads Optimization explanation

Google AdWords, or Google Ads, is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform.

The basic concept behind Pay Per Click ads is: If someone uses Google search and sees an ad in the search results then clicks on it, Google will charge the advertiser a fee.

Unlike other PPC platforms, such as Facebook, Google Ads provide advertisers with two basic ways to reach people:

  •  Through Google Search Network .
  •  Through Google Display Network .

The Google Search Network allows you to show ads to users who are actively searching for keywords that suit your services or the field you’re specialized in.

As for Google AdWords ads, it is the paid advertising system developed by Google, through which you can select the service and run marketing campaigns to advertise the services provided by your clinic or medical institution through the search pages on Google or the Display Network.

Types of google Ad Campaigns

  1. Google Ads Optimization are started by creating a campaign that its type depends on your advertising goals.
  2. For example, if you want to display ads on Google to attract more visitors to your clinic or medical institution’s website, you must choose to advertise on the Google Search Network.
  3. Each ad network contains different types of campaigns that suit your goals. The question is: How do the different types of campaigns work on Google?
  4. In Upper Medic, before we start planning your ad campaign on Google, we will ask you to define campaign goals and choose a campaign type.
  5. You can determine the goal of your Google Ads Optimization campaign based on the actions you want your patients to take after seeing the ad, and you can also specify the campaign type whether it is for Search, Display, or Video network.
  6. Then, we start recommending features and settings that can help you achieve your campaign’s primary goal.

Google Ads Optimization campaign goals include:

  •  Get sales
  •  Reach customers
  •  Increased website traffic
  •  Brand and product awareness
  •  Advertising via the app

The campaign type determines where customers will be able to see Google ads , but this becomes more specific after understanding the goals and applications of Google ads.

Campaign types include:

Advertising on the Google Search Network

The Google Search Network is a group of search-related sites and apps where ads can appear. When you advertise on the Google Search Network, your ads appear among the search results when someone uses terms related to your keywords.

Advertising on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favorite websites, viewing a video on a YouTube channel, or when they are using their mobile devices and applications.

Video advertising (YouTube Ads)

Video ads allow you to display video ads alone or along with other video content on YouTube and across the Google Display Network.

Advertising via the Google application

This type of advertising campaigns focuses on:

  •  Google Search Network .
  •  Google Display Network .
  •  YouTube Network .

These are the networks whereGoogle Ads Optimization can appear, including Google sites and other websites displaying relevant Google ads optimization .

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What are the Benefits of Google Ads?

  •  For every 1 USD spent by medical organizations on Google ads, its profit increases by 8 USD. (Source: Google Economic Report 2018).
  •  Small clinics that use online advertising and data analytics get 4 times more revenue than large, less-advanced organizations. (Source: Google Economic Report 2018)
  •  Google display ad campaigns reach 80% of Internet users worldwide. (Google Benchmarks and Insights).
  •  The first three ad sites on the first page of results get 40% of customer clicks. (WordStream).
  •  98% of researchers choose the results that appear on the first page of the search engine (Brightlocal).

Why Physicians and Medical institutions Should use Google AdWords?

There are 5 main reasons why physicians should use sponsored Google ads:

1. Appear in the first search results on Google

Google AdWords is always the right choice for physicians to make them appear in the first search results for patients. In Upper Medic, we help you reach the targeted patients, who are using keywords related to your services, by creating Google ads.

2. Target the patients you want

One of the best features of Google AdWords is its ability to target users within a specific geographic area and with certain keywords, and we use the Google AdWords schedule feature to publish the ads whenever you want.

3. Track the results

There are several tracking measurements, which are referred to by Google as “conversions”. Using the code provided by Google we can track the success of your ads.

This includes tracking the number of calls you received, and whether these calls were from the advertisement or from your website.

It also tracks whether patients have made an appointment later on your website, and by analyzing the results we can calculate the amount to be paid for each conversion.

4. Creating a sponsored Google Ad that costs you only when someone clicks

Unlike other forms of online advertising (such as Facebook),Google ads optimization

cost you only when someone clicks on them.

This is known as Pay Per Click, which saves your advertising budget from being wasted on ads that are not of interest to the audience.

5. Increase clicks on Google ads optimization

According to WordStream studies, the percentage of users who click on Increase clicks on Google ads

, rather than organic search results, is constantly increasing.

This means that physicians shouldn’t rely solely on organic search results. For best results, your website should appear in both the Google ads optimization

section and the organic search results.

statistics on Google AdWords

86% of consumers use the Internet to look for the information they want. (WebVisible)
72% of consumers prefer to find information about doctors and services through Google search.
29% of consumers search for medical institutions at least once a week (BrightLocal Survey)
Google has the largest ad network in the world. (ComScore)
Google advertising campaigns reach 80% of Internet users worldwide.
About 97% of all Google’s revenue comes from ads.
72% of Google ad marketers plan to increase their CPC budgets. (Search Engine Watch).
70% of mobile searches lead to action within an hour. (Medical Laboratory).

Upper Medic Steps For Google ads optimization d For Healthcare institutes0

The process of managing and optimizing your Google Ads Optimization consists of the following 5 steps:

Check your compliance

Among the tasks of Google Ads Optimization, We make sure that your medical service, Google ads or Social media optimization , and initial advertising copy fall within the Google Health & Medical Marketing regulations.

Create your own tracking systems

We create a system to track the results of Google ads optimization, verify that they are leading to the right direction, and improve the cost of ads over time.

Analyze your competition

We analyze your competitors to find gaps in the market that you can easily fill. We review two groups of competitors:

  •  Your direct competitors (clinics or other medical institutions in your area targeting the same audience).
  •  Your indirect competitors (other companies that only advertise the same treatments that you follow).
  • The aim is to identify the services with least competition that you can advertise with maximum profit immediately.
  • This ensures that you have a very good Google Ads Optimization

Run your first profitable ads

At Upper Medic, we manage multiple ad groups for the least competitive and most profitable services, we provide you with a preliminary set of profitable prospects by collecting significant data on how you can find, attract and convert your audience to patients.

Continuous campaign optimization

We will continue to improve profitable campaigns by reposting proven ads, achieving perfect results, and helping you target and prioritize your most valuable patients.

We also provide strategic monthly reports than include suggestions on how to continue targeting more patients and achieving the desired goal of GGoogle ads optimization.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that advertising in the healthcare sector is difficult and at times tricky, and for this reason you need experts in healthcare marketing to take wiser, profitable steps.

Here, at Upper Medic, we choose the best option for you. We have extensive experience in healthcare marketing in a cost-effective manner and with promising results; we aim to help you increase your profit and increase brand awareness among patients.

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