Digital marketing for veterinary clinics has become the best way to communicate with the audience everywhere and easily target new customers.

No doubt attracting more clients is vital for veterinary clinics, medical centers, or hospitals, so you should acknowledge the important marketing strategies in the veterinary field that can help you attract new clients and gain their trust.

You are not sure how to market for veterinary clinics? Or are you not aware of the great benefits of marketing to veterinary clinics and its role in attracting new clients?

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Do you have an online presence? When pet owners online search for information about the pet’s health – do they find your clinic’s services?

Don’t worry, this article will outline some important veterinary online marketing tips, their importance, and how to use them successfully for your veterinary clinic, medical center, or any veterinary activity.

What are the veterinary digital marketing methods used?

Today’s pet owners rely on the internet to find information about vets to take care of their pet’s health.

According to recent studies on veterinary online marketing, 4 out of 10 pet owners first look for information online when their pet is sick or infected, while nearly 3 out of 10 always call the vet as soon as they access their information online.

How to market for veterinary practices online?

There are many ways to market veterinary clinics online, including:

  • Veterinary clinic website
  • Social media ( social media) such as (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Google sponsored ads

How creating a website helps in successful veterinary marketing?

Having a professionally designed website – compatible with mobile phones – is essential for veterinarians and veterinary marketing.

According to research conducted by LifeLearn and Pew, here is the importance of website development in the veterinary field:

  • In the 2015 LifeLearn Veterinary Report for marketing online veterinary clinics, it revealed that 77% of veterinarians are promoting their clinic using professionally designed websites.
  • On the other hand, the Pew Research report found that 52% of smartphone owners obtain health information using their phones.
  • Among the people who search for medical information online, 77% say they look for information on a search engine, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Can pet owners find your website when they click on the search button?

Now, what is the solution? The solution is to start investing in your online presence by creating a modern and useful website with the purpose of veterinary marketing.

Since many people turn to the Internet as one of the first sources of information, you should ensure that your website contains the information they may need to know about your clinic, center, or hospital.

It must provide the following:

  • The location of the clinic or veterinary center
  • Clinic contact information
  • Answers to common questions
  • A blog with information that pet owners search for

Besides, following the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to ensure that people can find your website on search engines.

If someone searches for a veterinary clinic on Google, your website can appear among the first search results only by using SEO rules.

Now, the question is: Is your current website professional and compatible with smartphones? Does your website appear to all researchers online, or do you have a website at all?

The basics of social media marketing and its benefits in veterinary marketing

Social media is the key to attracting new clients from pet owners to veterinary clinics, so using social media in veterinary marketing is an absolute necessity today.

The use of social media in veterinary marketing makes your brand more visible and reach more potential customers.

It also provides great opportunities to share different types of content to customers, as well as build trust with pet owners online.

For example, it enables you to:

  • Easily share information with clients about animal health.
  • Promote your clinic’s website.
  • Interact with potential customers to increase your chances of getting new clients.

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How to use social media in veterinary marketing professionally?

Almost all social media users follow a similar path before they become existing clients and before they become loyal to your brand.

Firstly, the public spends a lot of time on social media to research and gather information on veterinary topics.

During that time, they can interact with different veterinary clinics, choose your unique clinic, and gain valuable important information from the content you post on your platforms.

By understanding this path, using social media, and posting useful content on it, you can strengthen:

  • Your brand awareness
  • Customer loyalty and trust
  • Your relationship with pet owners
  • Continuous sharing and interacting with your posts.
  • Your website’s traffic

It should be noted that the use of social media to attract new customers is based on a balance between the branding content (20% of the content) and the educational content (80% of the content).

This is because if you use the brand selling method all the time, your audience will lose interest or confidence in your brand.

What are the veterinary social media practice marketing strategies tools for clinics?

You now realize that social media is important in digital marketing for veterinarians, but how do you know the importance of each social media platform? And how do you use it?

To determine which platforms create the best results, you must start by identifying competitors and seeing how they use social media and interact with their audiences.

Then you must answer 3 questions:

  • What are they doing correctly?
  • What can you do better than them?
  • How do audiences interact with them?

There are many social media outlets to choose from, despite the diversity of these platforms, here are the methods that apply to each platform:

  • Providing consistent content that helps demonstrate the quality of information or services your clinic provides.
  • The focus should always be on the customer’s needs.
  • Use teasers to intrigue your audience.
  • Ask your readers to share, comment, or click on your content.
  • Offer quick answers to your audience’s questions.

Social media platforms important in digital marketing for veterinarians


Facebook currently has over 1.18 billion daily users globally. Hence, the use of Facebook for content marketing is very important to maintain brand awareness and constant communication with customers.

Facebook pages in veterinary marketing should be used to:

  • Provide information about the clinic
  • Give pet care tips
  • Promote the clinic’s special offers

And keep in mind that your clients on social media do not want to be spammed with promotional content 7 days a week, so the content you publish should be diverse and include:

  • Behind the scenes pictures of your clinic’s procedures
  • Pet photos and animal care tips

Constantly publishing content on Facebook ensures your clinic and brand are always visible to your audience and potential customers.

Thus, once they need services or help with their pets in the future, your veterinary center or clinic will be the place they trust and turn to.

Other social media platforms

You shouldn’t only publish content on Facebook, although it is the most popular platform among pet owners, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are very useful platforms to gain potential client’s trust.

Here are some statistics about veterinary social media practice marketing strategies tools for clinics:

  • 92% use Facebook
  • 45% use Google+
  • 41% use YouTube
  • 24% use Pinterest
  • 21% use Twitter
  • 20% are using LinkedIn
  • 16% use Instagram

How Google Ads contribute to veterinary marketing?

Want to increase the number of clients visiting your clinic? So you should use Google Adwords.

Google ads give veterinarians an average return of 200% for every dollar spent on ads targeting pet owners.

The Google Ads accounts are characterized for:

The ability to add new customers

The ability to attract more pet owners to your veterinary clinic with pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Creating personalized ads 

Each veterinary clinic is unique and this should be reflected in how you set up and manage your Google Ads account. You should submit ads based on a special formula that targets pet owners.


Google advertising is a very cost-effective solution.

Immediate results

AdWords is the perfect choice to quickly improve your online brand, and within hours you’ll be visible to a large number of targeted clients.

Finally, you should note that veterinary marketing is not only important for large companies, but it is also important if you own a veterinary clinic, veterinary medical center, or a large or small veterinary hospital.

Instead of waiting for the next customer to reach your clinic’s door, now apply effective online marketing to your veterinary practice.

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With Upper Medic, you can start with veterinary marketing through social media and focus on communicating with and reaching new customers. We will provide an effective marketing strategy that will achieve immediate results.