The medical devices market  witnessed dramatic growth in recent years. According to recent studies, the global medical devices market is expected to reach $612.7 billion in 2025. Because of this very high competition, medical devices, whether small or large, face many challenges. How can your company face these challenges and stay ahead of the competition?

It has become necessary to reach more potential customers with the right advertising message if you want to achieve real medical device marketing strategy results. Therefore, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy for medical devices that make you visible among your competitors, reach new customers, increase the number of sales, and successfully grow your business.

Follow the tips below to build an effective marketing strategy that can help you reach more potential customers and achieve better results at a lower cost.

Why do you need a strategy for your medical device marketing?

There are a lot of great marketing techniques and tools, but you will waste your money if you use them the wrong way. For example, it might be a mistake to start spending money on paid ads or social media marketing without specifying the target audience and customer needs.

For this reason, you need to develop a plan to define specific marketing messages for all platforms you plan to use during your marketing campaigns. You need to create a comprehensive market research-based strategy to locate your target audience, provide a compelling message explaining your value as a seller or supplier, and motivate your potential customers to make a decision.

Now how to market a medical device?

Now here are 6 tips to consider when developing a marketing strategy for your medical devices:

A detailed marketing strategy is essential for all companies to succeed in a highly competitive contemporary market. You must start by setting realistic goals. Here are some tips on creating a marketing strategy that can be beneficial to medical device marketing companies.

1. Specify the characteristics and needs of your customers – Buyer Persona

The medical devices market is very complex and sensitive, so it is necessary to get to know your target audience better. Start by identifying the problems your audience face and make them need the devices you sell.

It is an essential step to achieving successful sales, whether between you and an individual such as a doctor or between you and an institution such as the hospital, medical centers, laboratories, and x-rays centers.

You should do a Google keyword search to find out which words your customers use to meet their needs, and it is also important to know how often they search for products like yours.

And it’s good that these days, people express their needs freely and openly during discussions in medical forums or general Q&A websites like Quora or Reddit. Browse these sites well and note what your potential customers are missing in the current offers made by your competitor.

You can create a virtual character that carries all the specifications of your potential customers based on their needs and your marketing plan, and this virtual character becomes the person you direct advertisements to him.

If your company produces medical technology equipment, you should also target distributors, treat them as the most valuable leads, and create a virtual character with their typical specifications. All of this information will be useful to build the basics of your branding and to make your marketing activities resonate with your audience.

2. Analyze your competitors

It is better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to make them yourself.

Set aside time to analyze your competitors’ marketing activities to define the methods and tools they use to reach their audiences and market their medical devices. From this, you must decide which medical devices marketing methods may suit you as well, and which strategy you can avoid.

You should know how your competitors get visitors to their website, and what they do to convert potential customers into buyers. The analysis of their advertising campaigns helps you determine which one was successful and be inspired to recycle them into new ideas.

Besides, you should take a look at their profiles on social media to get a better idea of the role this channel plays in their marketing strategies.

3. Create your value

It is essential to understand how your medical devices help solve real-life problems for your target audience and then address them in a way that displays the unique value of your products. Among the most valuable instructions in writing promotional content for the public are the following:

  • Be sure to use your customers’ language and the terminology they use to describe devices.
  • Do not over-list the benefits and features.
  • Do not excessively invite them to buy your devices to avoid marketing blabbering.

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In general, you need to outline all the advantages your medical devices offer and explain why these benefits are important to your target audience. Also, you should know how your devices differ from those of your competitors and why they are the best option.

Remember, good content or good advertising is a sophisticated display of a specific value and feature for one of your devices, aimed at a specific personality of your customers. When viewing the same device for another type of customer, you need to adjust the format and language of your advertising message depending on the type of person you’re talking to.

4. Plan to create a sales path within your website – Sales funnel

What do you want from every visitor entering your site or your online store?

You want them to become your customers! So don’t let your site be random and precisely plan the time your visitors spend on your website. Create a fun path in which they explore useful information, then based on this information they can make a purchasing decision after they know your previous customers’ opinions about you and your goals as an entity.

Creating a marketing funnel or sales funnel must be a process planned to turn your website visitors into real customers, by guiding your potential customers during their purchasing journey from awareness (when they first get to know your medical devices company) to the point of purchase (when they purchase your product) and are willing to let you know.

5. Develop specific tactics for each step in the sales funnel

Develop a sequence of messages that will resonate with your visitors.

There are dozens of tactics and hundreds of marketing tools. For example, your plan to increase your website’s traffic might include SEO, and create engaging campaigns on social media.

Do not give up creativity. Remember that every message you send to your customer must have a specific goal and role in the sales process.

In most cases, the decision-making process to purchase medical devices will be lengthy. But content marketing creates many possibilities to direct your audience along a conversion path.

You can do this by writing informative articles and using videos and pictures related to health issues your target customers face. Besides, you can integrate tutorial videos and customer opinions in a distinctive section within your site.

You should also create content for medical professionals to answer any questions they may have. Content can include case studies, clinical reports, and product offerings.

To simplify your efforts it is important to use marketing tools such as scheduling tools to publish on social media, keyword search tools for each medical device or medical article.

6. Track your progress

To stay ahead of your competition, you need to constantly monitor the success of your medical devices marketing strategy. You must track the number of leads generated and the return of investment you get.

Getting a detailed insight into the performance of your marketing activities will allow you to optimize all your efforts and improve results with maximum efficiency. This way, you will be able to identify renewed ideas and adapt according to the requirements of the medical device market and the customers’ desires.

Expect that even with the best plans, you will need to monitor how the target market interacts with your offers, and if necessary, make changes to your marketing methods and tools. Therefore, you should think of ways to improve the sales funnel from the beginning.

Use specialized software to monitor the behavior of your site’s visitors. Check if they saw your marketing messages, and find out why they left the website before taking any actions. This will give you a lot of ideas on what to improve, design, and communicate your messages and product offers.

Do you need help developing a successful medical devices marketing strategy?

digital marketing strategy for medical equipment is the best way to easily market your various medical devices and direct potential customers through a carefully planned sales funnel. However, building an effective medical devices marketing strategy takes time and effort, and requires knowledge and experience in the latest marketing trends and tools and the best way to use them.

Besides, online medical devices marketing is complicated for non-experts, and one wrong step can harm your business. So it would be great to have a successful marketing partner specializing in all the fields of medical marketing!

If you are ready to start marketing your medical devices online, Upper Medic can help you reach hospitals, doctors, medical lab owners, patients, and all types of consumers to get the results you want.

We can develop and implement a robust digital marketing strategy for medical devices tailored to meet your medical device marketing company’s specific needs and goals. We will start with a free analysis of your current online presence, or create a new one. Then we will provide professional advice and plans to direct your business in the right direction.