Building a marketing plan for your beauty center should be your top priority. In a very competitive field dependent on marketing, success needs coherence and integrity of your marketing plan, whether you run a plastic surgery center, bariatric and nutrition center, a dental clinic, or a non-surgical beauty center. You need an integrated marketing plan that includes social media platforms, search engines and sometimes building a website.

Perhaps you have bad experiences in digital marketing where you wasted your money and time, and you may think that digital marketing will never succeed. Building a professional marketing plan is your only way to maintain a distinguished reputation, but handling it randomly without any strategy will never bear the benefits expected.

In the marketing of beauty centers and clinics, do not conduct any random activities, careful analysis will help you know what improves your activities and what doesn’t.

First: Analysis and Planning before Marketing for Beauty Centers

The analysis is not just for your current marketing activities, there are several types of analysis that are important for building marketing:

1. Audience Analysis

By location, social class, gender, medical needs, and setting clear attributes for your audience that help in generating content. For example, if you want to market a bariatric clinic in Al-Haram area, this will definitely differ from the marketing of a dental center in the Fifth Settlement. Luxury medical services (such as cosmetic, slimming, vision correction, etc.), although the patient resorts to these by choice and without medical urgency, they are all different from each other as each has a special audience which requires certain marketing activities.

2. Medical Activity Analysis

After thoroughly analyzing your audience and knowing their psychological, social, economic, and other characteristics, we should analyze the medical activities that you offer to this audience. In terms of prices, method of presentation (decoration, service, and atmosphere inside the clinic), competitive benefits and features, etc. List the points of your strengths and your weaknesses, and if your activities are advanced, doing a SWOT analysis will be beneficial. Based on the public analysis and medical activity analysis, an integrated marketing plan is created that links your medical activity to the appropriate audience to achieve the best results. If the implementation of the marketing strategy is the most difficult step, then analysis and planning is the most important step.

Second: Allocate Marketing Resources to the Marketing Plan

One of the common mistakes that doctors make is allocating insufficient resources to the marketing process. Your marketing plan is not sorcery, but rather an organized business with returns. Allocating resources efficiently is the way to obtain these returns. The resources here refer to:

1. Allocating time

If you direct your energy towards the success of your business (Business Oriented), you must realize that marketing is a cornerstone of the success of this business, never spare time! Also, allocate time to follow up on patients and administrative work. Allocate time to follow up on marketing activities, remember that the field is very competitive and patients will not magically appear at your clinic or suddenly, but you need to invest time in marketing.

2. Allocating a budget

At some point, after you have tried all the solutions provided and you didn’t gain any benefit, you must realize that marketing needs sufficient financial resources to reach successful results. Don’t go after solutions and fake offers that are cheap and without any real benefit, take marketing seriously, and have a clear and adequate budget.

3. Choose your marketing partner carefully

Why choose a marketing partner or marketing agency that doesn’t understand your needs well? Marketing for the medical sector and beauty clinics needs a marketing agency that adopts effective strategies for the medical sector and presents your marketing activities in the best possible way in search engines and social media platforms. Choose your success partners, contact us.

Third: Social media platforms

There is a common mistaken belief that a Facebook page is enough to get you to “digital marketing”. It is true that Facebook is the largest social media platform, but it is certainly not the only platform that you can rely on to build your online presence.

1. Think about other social media platforms

If your goal is to market a beauty center, bariatric center, or a cosmetics clinic, Instagram allows you to publish visual content that is very important in your marketing activities, as well as Pinterest. If you are aiming to attract patients from the Gulf, Twitter and Snapchat are a good choice. If you aspire to spread and plan to build long-term activities, occupying a privileged position in search engines and YouTube will be effective, Facebook is a powerful platform, true, but it is not the only platform.

2. Build a website

It is true that social media platforms make you appear in front of users according to their search behaviors, interests, places, and others, but there is a very large segment of your potential customers looking for you through search engines. Having a website allows your customers to obtain sufficient information about you, and book an appointment within the website – to obtain reservations outside the official working hours. Your website will rank among the top search engine results. You can reach your target audience who are looking for you and you can control how they view you.

3. Your page in Baltoe

If videos get 8 times the views of any other medium, and articles increase the appearance on search engines and the confidence of patients in your medical activity, then your page in Balto simply guarantees all of this. Balto is a smart marketing platform for physicians managed by Upper Medic, the leading medical marketing company. Each medical service provider gets a dedicated page that allows:

  • Attractively display the articles on a page dedicated to the medical service provider without interference with any ads and in a way that encourages the customer to take the reservation step.
  • Display video clips on a dedicated page to allow the medical service provider (clinic, medical center, hospital, pharmacy, doctor, etc.) to provide a detailed description of the clip that helps in SEO.
  • The ability of your page to get followers from the Balto audience and the public can book directly through the website without any commission for your request.
  • The page is completely free to create, provides you with a unique online presence, and contains all your data, allowing patients’ easy access to you.

Continuously enhancing your page with articles and videos that help you reach the best place in the search engine and obtain keywords (for example: if you add articles on psoriasis treatment with a specific technique in your clinic, then you may occupy an advanced result when the patient searches for the word “psoriasis treatment”). This of course turns into direct reservations and is an integral part of any successful beauty center marketing plan.

Fourth: Marketing for a Beauty Center Is Not Only Ads

There is a lot of confusion between the concept of marketing and advertising. For simplicity, let’s say that advertising is part of marketing but not all marketing. While building a beauty center marketing plan that does not only depend on adding online banners on your website or other sites, also focus on:

1. Build high-quality permanent marketing assets

Facebook posts and tweets will produce immediate results while marketing a beauty center but will not last long. Building your digital assets such as a video library or high-quality articles within your page in Balto will act as a permanent marketing tool to gain customers’ trust continuously.

2. Investing in building an active community of your current and potential clients

Your clients who had successful experiences with you are a cornerstone during marketing, success stories are what attracts potential customers and get the maximum return from them. You should focus on building an active community that brings together your existing customers who have positive opinions about you alongside your potential customers by sharing satisfied customer comments and designing loyalty programs to reward customers who trust you and encourage them to tell their positive stories with you or simply build a Facebook group that includes your existing satisfied customers and encourage potential customers to join them.

3. Don’t just rely on your knowledge, seek the help of experts

Digital marketing is a very active field and it changes day after day, relying on what you know today will not be useful, you need to have experienced marketing partners, we at Upper Medic provide professional beauty center marketing services online.