Google advertising system has taken a tough approach to advertising for drugs, prescribed drugs and pharmacies, although these restrictions are being underestimated in some countries, but they remain very strict in all Arab countries. You cannot launch an ad campaign for a pharmacy or pharmaceutical product in Ad-Words from any Arab country to date.

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In Upper Medic we are well aware of the strong presence of search engines. It makes no sense to make extraordinary efforts in traditional advertising and on social networking platforms to create awareness of the brand identity, and then the consumer does not find the full satisfaction and curiosity when he searches. It makes no sense to ignore the huge number of times of searches on pharmacies and pharmaceuticals on Google and does not convert them into real sales. But there is a tactic to ensure that commercial identities exist for pharmacies and drugs in search engines.

اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك

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    First: Mega Websites    To occupy an advanced position in Google search with domain-specific keywords, organizations that cannot use the giant Ad-Words system can build huge websites that contain a huge amount of written content or a huge database. This is what SEIF series of pharmacies, the second largest chain of Egyptian pharmacies, has resorted to through ‘SEIF Online’, the top Google search for a large number of keywords.

    Second: Direct contracting with top publishers     Although Ad-words prohibits advertisements for pharmacies and drugs as mentioned above, Ad-sense still allows publishers’ sites to place ads directly on sites with high visitor traffic, along with Google Ad-sense ads. Sometimes large sites prefer to deal directly with advertisers without the mediation of Google Ad-words.

    A successful marketing strategy for pharmacies and Pharmaceuticals which are blocked in the Ad-words system should be a great mix of previous tactics.

    اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك