Medical marketing for pharmacies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether through traditional methods or through electronic medical marketing methods, may be the step that revives your business and renews the spirit of your pharmacy. We are not going to talk about traditional methods of marketing because they are known first, and because – secondly – time has brought in something better such as digital marketing.

Medical Marketing for Pharmacies in Saudi Arabia

You are now a pharmacy owner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you want your pharmacy to become stronger and attract more customers to increase your profits satisfactorily.

But looking at the reality, you find that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become crowded with thousands of pharmacies all over the Kingdom, from Riyadh to Dammam and Khobar to Jeddah, and there is a large pharmacy in every street, shopping center, private or public hospital.

Certainly, the number of pharmacies competing with you in your area is increasing, and reaching a new base of potential customers with old traditional marketing methods has become impossible due to the similarity of services provided by all pharmacies. How do you get out of this challenge?

Yes, use digital medical marketing.

However, What Is the Importance of Digital Marketing for Pharmacies in Saudi Arabia?

1- Successful digital marketing turns your pharmacy into a brand

The main concept of building a brand is to be different and positively distinguished, and it gives customers an enjoyable experience with your products, and service – either through directly dealing with your pharmacy, or through online communication and interaction. Here is when medical marketing plays a role in strengthening your relationship with your customers, but also getting more new customers.

2- Successful digital marketing is the language of the age of technology

Almost half of the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is under the age of 30, and this young group has contributed to shifting consumer trends to the Internet world due to their skills in using technology until 90% of the population of the Kingdom now use the Internet regularly.

This has resulted in a significant increase in digital marketing strategies for all institutions that want to acquire a larger customer base in new ways, especially pharmacies and medical institutions of all kinds.

What Is the Power of Digital Marketing for Pharmacies in Saudi Arabia?

With the increasing number of Internet users of all age groups, most of the marketing efforts around the world today are focused on consumers online, and the medical marketing trends of pharmacies in Saudi Arabia should not be an exception, as 90% of the population is active on the Internet, and 80% of these users are online every day.

And only through digital medical marketing means you can reach this base of customers and pass different marketing messages to them, make them like your pharmacy and connect them to them as a brand.

What Are the Digital Marketing Solutions for Pharmacies?

Digital marketing solutions that are suitable for pharmacies include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sponsored Ads – Paid Advertising
  • Direct Email Marketing
  • Mobile Apps Marketing

What Are the Best Digital Marketing Trends for Pharmacies in Saudi Arabia?

Here we must focus on the most popular digital medical marketing trends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The most influential trends include:

1- Medical Marketing via Social Media

Since 2017, Saudi Arabia has witnessed one of the highest growth rates in the use of social media, as the number of users of social networking sites increased by 32%, which makes these sites a huge portal for medical marketing.

The advantages of social media use in pharmacies’ digital marketing are that once a pharmacy page is created on social media, it can immediately achieve benefits.

What are the advantages of medical marketing via social media for pharmacies in Saudi Arabia?

  • The appearance of all contact information with the pharmacy for each visitor to the page.
  • Manage pharmacy reputation and receive customer complaints.
  • Create funded ads to compile a targeted list of followers of the page, and it is possible to target the residents of a specific region to reach your marketing message to those who can become customers, without additional expenses.
  • Create posts of different kinds to attract the audience’s interaction through Educational Posts, or provide great offers and ads for temporary services through Promotional Posts.
  • Promote the pharmacy as a healthcare brand by providing answers to common topics that concern the patient in an inspiring and engaging way in Educational Posts.

And do not forget that the regularly updated Social Media pages indicate that this place can be contacted, and there is always a feeling of comfort in dealing with any business that can be contacted easily.

2- Medical Marketing via websites

The professional website is one of the most powerful and effective medical marketing strategies. If your blog content is good, website visitors will want to refer back to it and this will attract people to your website.

Just make sure your website is constantly updated with the new relevant medical and educational information your users are searching for.

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Five Myths about Medical Marketing

Customers can also browse your premium medical and cosmetic products through your website, and the site then acts as a 24-hour advertisement daily at the lowest cost.

What are the advantages of medical marketing through pharmacy websites in Saudi Arabia?

  • Creating a website for search engines attracts more potential customers every day.
  • Make special ads about special offers by Landing Page linked to the site.
  • Design a special page that includes all the contact information and the addresses of all branches – in the case of branched pharmacy chains – which makes it easier for the customer to reach you anywhere.
  • Putting the best customer reviews about your pharmacy in front of the website’s visitors.

Also, learn about the 7 most important characteristics of successful medical websites in leading search engines and attracting customers.

3- Motion Video Medical Marketing

Saudis have a special love for watching videos, so they are considered one of the largest populations using video platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube, and they also love to watch short videos on Facebook.

Moreover, online videos are responsible for almost 40% of data traffic on mobile devices in the Middle East and are expected to continue growing over the next few years.

All these facts have not been ignored by marketers in the region, and surveys show that 61% of advertisers in the Middle East are planning to increase their efforts in mobile marketing while 56% are planning to increase their spending in online video marketing.

Motion graphics as a medium in the marketing of pharmacies in Saudi Arabia on various platforms, especially to attract more customers, is very important!

What are the advantages of medical marketing using motion graphics for pharmacies in Saudi Arabia?

  • It is more interactive and visual and has been proven to be extremely effective in making purchasing decisions and building bonds between the consumer and the advertiser.
  • Watching motion videos is popular among customers, and its production is less expensive than other types of videos.
  • Motion videos can be published on various platforms such as social media, as well as re-posted on the website and YouTube.
  • Motion video is the most suitable type of video for medical educational content which is considered the best in medical marketing for pharmacies.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Marketing for Pharmacies in Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on the rise as one of the fastest-growing markets in this field, and it has become more attractive due to some key factors such as:

  • The demographic structure of the population represents a great opportunity in the language of marketing, because it is large, developing, and diverse.
  • It is relatively easy to divide Saudi consumers, and you need less effort to identify your customers.
  • There are a huge number of wealthy young consumers, and this represents a huge market for luxury brands even in pharmacies, especially when we know that the Middle East region represents the highest spending on cosmetics per person in the world.

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Common marketing techniques are still effective, meaning that the same old marketing methods can be used and we find that they are still working, and produce results. So you don’t always need creative, out of the ordinary strategies that consume time and effort.

Can You Manage Your Pharmacy’s Digital Marketing Campaigns by Yourself?

You might think that using digital medical marketing tools is difficult and complicated, but on the contrary, the process of creating pages, activating ads and publishing articles is a set of steps that are easy to learn, but the difficulty lies in:

  • Develop successful strategies.
  • Measuring the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • Design and write professional content that does not conflict with our publishing policies.

What Are the Benefits of Pharmacy Digital Marketing through a Specialized Agency?

For every industry, there is a professional, and when talking about medical marketing for pharmacies in Saudi Arabia we recommend taking a specialized marketing partner to manage this type of marketing to ensure the best results with the lowest budget. There are many other features such as:

  • Get high-quality graphics, and video designs, and ensure that copyright laws are not violated using images from the web.
  • Choose from different packages that suit your marketing needs, regardless of the position of your pharmacy, and create professional strategies developed by marketing experts.
  • Get a detailed report on the performance of your campaigns. It only takes two minutes to get a comprehensive overview of digital marketing results.
  • Professional management of your marketing activities without wasting money, with a high return on investment.

What Are the Most Important Tips in Pharmacy Digital Marketing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Marketing messages are the most sensitive marketing material that you should consider when marketing to the Saudi consumer.

Build a campaign that will make your pharmacy a prominent brand in the market by:

  • Present your USPs in a direct and easy manner to your audience.
  • Always use clear advertising messages and avoid long descriptions.
  • Strongly push in offers and trust that customers will come because the Arab consumer loves discounts and offers.
  • Always follow-up and review your KPIs during different seasons.

The Present and Future in Pharmacy Digital Marketing in Saudi Arabia:

We can say that digital marketing is the promotional method of the present era because it removed the elitism from the marketing process, so it is now more equal.

In the past, large pharmacy chains captured the strongest stick in the marketing process, while strengths have changed today so that all pharmacies, whatever their budget, can spend on digital marketing campaigns, target potential customers, and measure campaign performance. Marketing has become a playground for everyone with different budgets.

The Middle East is expected to represent the second-largest number of mobile phone users in any region in the world, and Saudi Arabia is the largest market for smartphones with 63%, which provides a great opportunity for medical sector marketers to reach customers while they regularly browse their phones.

It seems that the next few years will be interesting in this industry, as new technologies are constantly added to the market and changing the rules of the game year after year, and competing marketers try to keep up with new trends with effort and perseverance to achieve growth and success. Are you ready for this challenge?