In 2014, the volume of global spending from individuals on vision improvement was equivalent to $1.43 billion, but in 2022 this figure is expected to jump to $ 3.69 billion, more than double. (Compound Annual Growth Rate). The range is around 12.9%, what does this mean? It means that turnout is increasing dramatically, and competition is also increasing at the same level. It is the nature of things, the higher expenses of the field, the higher the competition, and the answer to winning this competition is: Yes, digitally marketing eye and LASIK clinic correctly.

But when it comes to eyes, humans are very cautious and sensitive to advertising materials. When searching on Facebook for the word “LASIK”, the first result is a group of support and participation between people with whom vision improvement led to unwanted side effects. Patients who develop side effects tend to warn others more than twice as often as patients who have good experiences tend to share them with others. According to a popular statistic, a patient who gets a happy experience without side effects shares his experience with 3 other people on average, while a patient who has side effects shares his experience with around 10 other people, and this number may increase if these side effects are in the eyes.

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اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك

    1. In marketing for eye and Lasik centers, treat your audience seriously:

    Recreational services that the public uses to improve their appearance without an urgent need, so the public is usually attracted to marketing means that rely on sensory information more than real evidence. When it comes to eye surgery even if it is a simple surgery, the time between decision-making and choosing the medical service provider is a bit long because the audience rethinks many times to ensure the quality and efficiency of the medical service provider. During the marketing of the LASIK Center, you should focus on what the audience cares about without exaggeration, dealing with the audience seriously, and providing the materials they need to ensure they make the right decision.

    1.1 Provide testimonials of previous patients: Testimonials of previous patients who have performed successful LASIK operations in your center will play an essential role in convincing potential clients to make a decision, whether placing these reviews on your Facebook page or your Balto page.

    1.2 Explain in detail and be clear: What is the best way to avoid bad assessments from angry patients? Well, we must understand that the patient provides negative reviews when something that he did not expect happens. He feels deceived and that he was misled even if this was not your intention, so explaining the expectations, results, and possible side effects before subjecting the patient to LASIK surgery greatly reduces the possibility of his anger when he faces side effects because it was simply expected.

    1. Marketing for eye and LASIK centers on Facebook and Google:

    When you start building a marketing plan for an ophthalmology center, you should know an important term i.e. “integrated digital marketing”. Integration means:

    • Create your digital platform, a website designed for effective results.
    • Create pages on social media platforms that your marketing advisor recommends.
    • Create a page in the Balto platform and provide it with articles and videos constantly to reach a distinguished position in search engines.
    • Building an advertising investment plan distributed on Facebook ads and search engine ads

    This integration in digital marketing of LASIK centers will make you reach a larger audience base.

    1. The proper marketing of LASIK centers should focus on fears and hopes:

    Human desires are the primary driver of any marketing process, and desires are either a positive desire to reach a specific goal or negative to avoid something. In marketing to LASIK centers, you should be well aware of the hopes that your patients build on this surgical procedure and their expectations before undergoing surgery, if the hopes are unrealistically high, you should snap them back to reality. Also, if their fears are unrealistic, they must be refuted by medical evidence and facts. Even during social media and content marketing, you should consider the patient’s fear and desires.

    اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك

      1. Like any medical marketing, LASIK marketing with the Triple Arrow strategy:

      The triple arrow strategy in medical marketing was developed by Upper Medic after analyzing the activities of a large number of medical service providers (clinics, medical centers, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.) to reach the best marketing mix that leads to good results for the medical sector, and the result was:

      • Precise targeting of the audience: It is divided into two parts, firstly identifying the audience accurately and defining its characteristics and interests, secondly building appropriate advertising materials for this audience.
      • Written content: To rank well on search engines organically and gain the confidence of your audience, the high-quality articles within your page will help you achieve your marketing goals.
      • Visual content: Because videos get 8 times more views and interactions than any other content, video marketing leads to excellent results with the medical sector.

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