The era of proliferation without any marketing activities being carried out has ended due to the intensity of competition, and medical service providers can no longer rely solely on word of mouth. According to a study by Media Dynamics Inc., the average consumer in the United States is exposed daily to an average of 362 ads. There are no accurate statistics for Egypt, but it is expected that the average consumer is also exposed to a large number of advertising messages per day. So trying to build a strong brand name or attract new customers relying only on word of mouth circulation among the audience is a waste of time.

لماذا نعتبر التسويق الطبي لعيادتك استثمارًا طويل المدى؟

Marketing campaigns aim to attract more patients and identify those seeking health services. It also focuses on introducing your services to new patients. It is a long-term investment.

Digital assets are always online

Creating fixed digital assets that may include your digital website, which is as important as your physical clinic or pharmacy. Where you can archive your written, educational medical content, which reflects your experience, and offers multiple opportunities for your audience to interact with you. Besides, you can use social media accounts to publish articles, photos, and videos, whether educational or medical. Focus on improving the visual identity associated with your medical facility, and respond to the negative comments or opinions that may be written by someone who had a misfortunate experience in your clinic!

Ultimately, your digital marketing activity should make you appear in front of potential patients when they look for your services. They must find you in the best possible way and give them a good impression so they can easily decide to book an appointment with you.

لماذا نعتبر التسويق الطبي لعيادتك استثمارًا طويل المدى؟ (3)

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Even the word of mouth needs stimulation

One of the oldest methods of medical marketing is the exchange of experiences and advice among patients. This process may seem effective without marketing activities, but in reality, they just work as a catalyst.

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In transitioning from Phase1 to Phase 2, the patient’s clinic will transfer your good experience to two or three patients at the most, while if the patient’s testimonials are showcased online, it will be viewed/read by more than 50 other people on average. According to the Fikr Blog with Google, even traditional marketing methods need to be stimulated by digital marketing.

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