Digital marketing for clinics and medical centers these days is not a choice but is a necessity – in light of the rapidly increasing number of Internet users. According to Google statistics, 77% of patients search online for a clinic or doctor before actually visiting them! The percentage is really large and requires thinking, do you want your name as a doctor or the name of your clinic to have a good online presence that it attracts patients or will you accept to be present unprofessionally and patients can’t find anything useful about you online? Of course, professional presence is the smart choice.

How Bad Marketing Can Harm Your Clinic?

You may think that all marketing and advertising are equal in quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, but this is not true. There is digital marketing that correctly accomplishes your marketing goals and connects you with the right audience and increases the flow of patients to the clinic. On the other hand, you have bad marketing strategies that don’t achieve any goals or harm your business. For example, suppose a patient searches for your name on Google and only finds the addresses of the clinic, in most cases, he will search for other doctors for comparison, but if he searches for your name and finds articles, videos, a complete data page, and high-quality photographs, then he will be more likely choose your clinic. So, it is not to be present online, but you should have a good online presence!

What Is the Right Method for Good Online Marketing for Clinics?

According to the recommendations of Google and the opinions of patients, when they search for you on Google and Facebook, the presence of a page in your name on Facebook or your data on Google does not affect them, but there are three main factors.

The first factor: the presence of high-quality visual content in the form of videos, photographs, and good designs. Video is the most powerful advertising tool ever and provides the best possible communication with the potential customer. So shooting videos for the clinic and putting them on the Internet with correct content and professional photography leads to great results. But watch out for the opposite results that may occur if the videos are poor or underrepresented with quality of medical service.

The second factor: the presence of written content that reflects the doctor’s experience and knowledge in the form of medical articles that answer the patient’s questions and reassure him. Articles here achieve an important goal and provide organic results in search engines without ads. High-quality medical articles make you gain the confidence of the patient when he finds that you have the answer to his question, and provides access to potential patients.

The third factor: Correct targeting of content and ads, and targeting is a term that simply means making the right content and delivering it to the right audience. You should not create poor content and deliver it to the right audience; this is not a correct targeting – nor create good content and deliver it to the wrong audience. But targeting is writing, photographing, and designing content in a way that the audience understands, and to communicate this content to the public in an influential way.

Clinic marketing is not just about creating a Facebook page or writing a flyer, but rather a mix of marketing operations that need to be done right. The best way to market clinics and medical centers online is in the Balto system for integrated medical marketing. Balto is a marketing system for doctors and the medical sector that connects you with marketing objectives directly through social media platforms and search engines. Balto is all that a doctor needs in marketing with a clear, easy, and effective system.

What Are the Advantages of Baltoe’s Marketing System?

The Balto system for medical marketing is specially designed for clinics and medical centers in Egypt so that the doctor gets his marketing needs directly and can determine his budget himself without fixed packages since each clinic has different needs. Balto helps you to choose exactly what you need without wasting the budget, for example, if your primary needs are marketing through Google and in a small percentage of Facebook you can direct the Balto package to be mostly marketing through Google, and if your marketing needs is to spread awareness of your brand and clinic you can focus on Facebook ads in your package so that patients begin to recognize you.

The public trusts Balto because it is a neutral, third party: because Balto is a public platform that connects you with patients. Marketing your clinic and your brand through Balto guarantees you the best way to reach the public professionally and effectively.

Reaching your marketing goals directly without waiting to build an audience: When building your Facebook page or your website, building the audience base consumes most of the budget, time, effort and delayed results may cause frustration and draining your financial resources. Balto’s marketing system allows you to take advantage of the audience base present on the platform and Balto’s presence in search engines.

Advertising material increases its effectiveness over time because it is active: videos and articles on your page in Balto increase its position concerning search engines over time and progresses further to occupy advanced places, marketing through Balto guarantees you permanent access to the Internet.

What Are the Prices and Packages Systems?

The price system in Balto gives you the flexibility to define your marketing needs and pay only for what you need. The pricing system is purchased in Units, then simply exchanged for marketing needs. Suppose, for example, that you bought 100 units, you can get three videos with 30 units, invest 20 units in Facebook ads, 20 units in Google ads, five medical articles on 15 units and 15 units in Facebook advertising posts. Or you can divide the package in more than one way so that you can get the promotional needs of your clinic according to your desire and need.