Digital marketing for doctors is not a choice anymore, but an urgent need. For bariatric and endoscopic surgeons, specializing in gastric sleeve and bypass, it is not only essential but it is a pillar just as the endoscope itself. In light of the high competition, digital marketing for bariatric and endoscopic surgeons is indispensable and this fact is known to all doctors and surgeons. But have you thought that the strong competition in online presence may make the competition even harder? The development of digital marketing services transformed the global statistics for the number of patients visiting obesity doctors and performing bariatric surgeries after viewing ads or blogs that are published under his name. You can defeat this competition by applying a strategic marketing plan with specific directions towards growth.

Where marketing and advertising in bariatric surgery are common and necessary, and CDC studies indicated that about 40% of Americans over the age of 20 suffer from obesity, and with obesity increasing the interest in bariatric surgery increases; and the percentage of people who search for bariatric surgeons online increases. Which opened opportunities for surgeons to change the stages of competition from merely performing a greater number of surgeries to showing the advantages of each of them to the patient in more than one way so that the patient can determine the appropriate clinic. According to ASMBS statistics, the number of bariatric surgeries that are performed globally in 2017 reached 228,000 – with different types of surgeries performed, and the different ages for the people who perform them. It depends on the surgeon’s competence to perform the most intricate procedures that increase the confidence of patients and the number of patients visiting his clinic.

The key to being at the top of the competition is to be able to properly market your clinic, medical center or hospital, especially since it is not only the young generation that uses the internet to inquire about doctors; 60% of people over the age of 65 use the internet to get their medical services.

The increase in obese patients and bariatric surgeons have led to an increase in competition in the field, and we all know that competition in a crowded market means standing outside the competition, and this means having a targeted marketing message and listening to it. The best way to succeed in the healthcare field is to develop a strategic medical marketing plan and focus on its implementation.

How Important Is Digital Marketing for Bariatric Surgeons?

There is no doubt that medical marketing – in any of its forms – helps in building a strong brand name for the clinic or the affiliated hospital, as it builds a good relationship between the doctor and his patients and increases their confidence in him. With the increase in the number of competitors in bariatric surgeries, we must ask the following question: Why do doctors need digital medical marketing? Specifically, why do bariatric surgeons need medical marketing?

With the developed surgery equipment and the adoption of modern techniques in medical examination or surgical procedure in general, medical marketing became a tool that greatly affects patients and targets their requirements and announces their benefits in an attractive way. Patients now use search engines to look for doctors around them, they want to see reliable medical websites under the surgeon’s name and compare the different treatment options available.

Medical marketing aims to highlight the most important features of your bariatric clinic or hospital. The traditional methods changed and what attracts obese patients to perform surgeries varied and moved from open surgeries that patients feared – but it may be a necessity for some cases – to endoscopic surgeries through 5 accurate holes and from there to 3 holes only, in addition to the great diversity in surgical tools. Making bariatric procedures diverse in the way they are presented through digital marketing.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Bariatric Surgeons?

Have you ever thought that digital marketing can reach a large sector of patients? Do you know the number of patients interested in the digital presence of doctors on social media and consider it evidence of their success?

Digital marketing is an integral part of the doctors’ success in reaching patients and providing their medical services. It breaks the barrier between patients and their fear of lack of medical information about the methods of treatment or a specific disease. It provides clear information on the surgeon’s behalf, where different generations use this information to make a decision. Statistics showed that there are more than 3 billion internet users around the world, and about 75% of users search for health information through it. The diversity in marketing methods makes competition higher among obesity surgeons, each of them looking to create a larger base on social media, however, digital marketing can also help you:

  • Reach the right audience

Digital marketing aims to place your ads directly in front of those who are interested in your service. So, that people who need this service can find them easily, as studies have proven that the number of patients who use the Internet is higher than the number of patients who do not use it. Digital marketing is not merely your online presence, but it is how your patients will find you.