There is a common complaint from customers that marketing agencies receive that brilliant marketing efforts do not produce effective results on the ground. The main reason for this frustrating thing may be that marketing efforts do not converge with sales efforts. Imagine a clinic that adopts a wonderful marketing campaign that places itself in the customer’s mind as “taking care of “and “Save his time and keep healthy.” The campaign brought its benefits and led many leads to request an appointment. Then the patient finds a cool voice tone and a long waiting time, marketing efforts will vanish due to lack of integration with sales efforts.

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Advertising campaigns can be great, creative and effective, but they can never falsify reality. If your advertising campaign starts and KPIs show good performance while the results on the ground do not reflect this, you must first examine the sales force. (SMarketing) appears at the beginning of the millennium, and refers to the integration of marketing and sales into a single loop that ultimately results in effective results.

Integration between Marketing and Sales forces

Integration between Marketing and Sales forces

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Continuous measurement of actual results and comparison to marketing success criteria, this analysis may show significant gaps in your sales system. If you receive 30 queries per day on your price and 10% conversion rate, you expect three sales, but your successful advertising campaign led you 70 additional price queries However, you have only 5 sales, that is, your conversion rate is 5%, so you have to analyze the entire sales department to detect gaps and errors.

Facilitating cooperation between the marketing forces and sales forces and opening points of contact between them helps avoiding the fact that each team works separately. In Upper Medic, we keep records of each client in a very confidential manner. We analyze them several times during the course of marketing operations. We also cooperate with the customer’s direct sales forces, sometimes hot lines or receptionists, to link their performance to advertising promises