Investment in Digital Marketing is like any other type of investment, it must have ROI (Return on investment), So If you decided to give a Digital marketing partner full trust then you have to know your ROI so well.

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  1. Branding: Building a huge fan base for a doctor may take several years or even decades in the normal conditions, But using Digital and Social media branding tactics, it is easier to connect anytime, anywhere with targeted audience, so doctors can reduce this time to nearly quarter.
  2. Viral Spread of news: this expression is used when a topic just spread by word of mouth in a logarithmic way, As when a patient tells two others about his/her good experience and the two others tell others and so on, this mechanism doesn’t work that way all the way long because people forget by time if not notified or get reminded, but featured digital marketing give this viral exposure the energy to last longer.
  3. Building Trust: Human is an emotional creature uses logic in specific circumstances, emotions which the patient holds toward the doctor play a huge rule in reservation or visiting the doctor’s clinic process. So professional Digital existence builds trust between doctor and patient. Because patients feel that the doctor is always being there in their digital life and shows them the experience that they need.
  4. Targeting new Audience: At Upper Medic we always get a repeated complaint from doctors that they have only one class or on community visiting their clinics, and they are mainly from the area around. The smartest solution for this problem is medical digital marketing; it will help in invading new areas and approaching new communities in an effective way; by spreading the name and reputation as a specialized and expert doctor.

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Five Myths about Medical Marketing

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