It is harder to create good medical content when your main objective is to advertise your medical business or to build rapport with your patients. Your medical or pharmaceutical backgrounds will not be enough to effectively communicate with your patients or to reach anyone who is searching for healthcare tips through posting medical articles or videos on different online platforms. Creating medical content is an art that requires applying its own specific rules in order to achieve your targeted marketing objective.

Throughout this article, we will be introducing some tips for creating attractive medical content which would be able to draw the attention of your audience and to identify your personnel, expertise and services to be able to engage with your target audience.

Define your audience prior to start creating your content

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اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك

    People are massively distributed on different online platforms trying to achieve different objectives, they do also prefer some platforms more than others; defining where your target audience is present is the primary factor of success throughout content creation process, you cannot establish an integrated clinic for curing your patients at the middle of nowhere! Similarly, you cannot post your medical content on platforms whose visitors’ main interests are football or vehicles manufacturing. You would need to define your target based on multiple aspects that include: Age, location, interests and where to find them online, this would help to create customized content that would be specifically targeted to the right audience that serves your business goals.

    Your audience has no medical background, so use a clear language

    As a result of their daily practice, physicians are using very specific medical expressions with their colleagues, which is not applicable to be used with your target audience! If your audience can not understand your language, simply they will not read your content leading to the loss of your followers.

    Five Myths about Medical Marketing

    اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك

      Simplifying medical or scientific facts is crucial for your content creation so as to encourage your followers to read it. You have to speak your audience’s language along with presenting simplified explanations so as to get your message. You may include medical expressions enclosing their explanation between brackets.

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      Create content for your audience, not audience for your content!

      Before starting the process of content creation, you have to think well about your patients and potential followers’ very specific needs and inquiries. No one is expected to read your posts or articles unless they include answers for their daily health concerned questions. Your content has to be relevant to your audience in order to get better engagement and communications.

      Humanize your content

      A lot of people visit social media platforms in order to engage with each other, comment on different topics and share these topics with their friends. As a result, you must not post any of your medical topics as pieces of scientific facts; you have to story tell your content and customize to be suitable for the platform you are using to target your customers.