It is no secret that good marketing is a cornerstone for success of any medical activity. But marketing is a very huge term that may contain a large number of activities that move dynamically and the key factor to move them is the patient.

The medical marketer is aware that he is moving according to the psychological factors and actions performed by the patient, the path of treatment experienced by the patient (as seen by the medical marketer) as follows:

Stage of Symptoms or Injury: When a healthy person begins to feel certain symptoms or have an injury

اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك

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    Stage of exploration from others: When the patient begins to ask his acquaintances, relatives, friends about what these symptoms and address / doctor clinic number or hospital

    Arrival stage: then the patient takes the step of booking an appointment and then ends the role of the medical marketer in the stage of obtaining the client

    اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك

      These steps seem logical and effective, are not they? In fact, it is actually logical and effective, but not in 2018. In Upper Medic we work on two modern stages. The patient no longer arrives for doctor’s booking without them. The first step is to call it the phase of active search on symptoms. And the second stage, the phase of active research on treatment, begins after exploration from others and ends on arrival, and the role of the exploration stage may disappear completely from others.

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      اسس التسويق الناجح لعيادتك

      Clearly, the areas of influence that a medical marketer can target the two phases of search for symptoms and looking for a doctor. Using successful tactics, the role of asking friends and family can be reduced. The question is, how can a medical marketer target the client in the impact stages?

      Let’s talk about the strategy of Upper Medic which has already proven its efficiency. What do we do in our lab? We move our instruments in the form of a triple arrow like Poseidon’s, and the three parties are visual presence, readability, and precise targeting.

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      اطلب مكالمة هاتفية من أبر مدك

        Visual Presence: According to an official report by Google, the visual presence of the doctor in the video talking directly with the patients creates a base of loyalty, access to new customer segments, and achieves the strongest possible impact between all the ways the patient recognizes the doctor, it is very much preferred to see him, and despite Most medical marketing plans in Egypt ignore the visual presence, but in Upper Medic we developed a digital product that doctors can invest their advertising adverts and access to high-quality medical videos.

        Written content: As we developed a product in our product “Palteau”, we asked ourselves how the patient distinguished between the good and the bad doctor (from his point of view). In a digital opinion we find that the patient often makes a decision about the doctor through his or her language, terminology, ability to deliver information smoothly and clearly, and having answers to difficult questions. This is achieved when the patient reads a high-quality article in a clear and easy language that answers key questions. In writing and writing high-quality medical articles, we review them in your language and language several times before we publish them in different platforms and push them in front of the target audience.

        Precise targeting: If the doctor has a clinic in Nasr City and conducts wonderful digital activities, but most of them reach people living on 6th of October, he will not get any returns. In addition to geographical targeting there is targeting behavior, position, age, social and health status, careful targeting is the third party Most importantly, the doctors involved in the flight, developed by Upper Medic, can get a precise and wonderful target.

        Medical marketing is not much like other forms of marketing because it deals with a different category of Advertisers (doctors) and a different audience (patients). The psychology of the patient needs a marketer who understands where to drive advertising investments, reliable content, and well thought out plans.

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