For a long period of time, we have been watching the same techniques and tactics used by medical and pharmaceutical organizations in order to sell their products or services to healthcare practitioners; which is direct sales. The larger, better trained and highly qualified sales teams are the ones who could drive much more sales to their organizations.

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This classical Selling Concept has proved to be effective throughout many decades in which top healthcare organizations in the world are still using it. However, it has a lot of drawbacks. One of these major drawbacks is the ultimately high expenses required to construct a strong, large and well trained sales teams that can achieve your objectives. Other drawbacks may also include the complexity of the selling processes regarding areas coverage, transportation issues, creating a highly detailed reporting system and much more factors.

In digital marketing the term “Target Audience” is directly related to patients but in some other cases and as a result of the previously mentioned drawbacks of applying the Direct Sales concept that includes medical and cosmetic sales representatives visits to physicians; A lot of pharmaceutical companies have started targeting physicians through the use of digital marketing.

This would lead us to an important question; can HCPs(Healthcare Providers) market their business services to other HCPs through digital marketing?

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The answer is an absolute “Yes”! And here is why:

  • You can find HCPs online as well as patients, either searching for some piece of information or service, or engaging with patients on social media platforms.
  • HCPs present online can be targeted accurately by name, profession, field of study, age and interests.
  • By creating your online appearance, you create your business brand where interested prospects can find you, contact you and learn more about your services and promotions.
  • HCPs can be found in specific medical online groups, communities and business related platforms; particularly LinkedIn. All of these potential customers can be targeted and communicated with.

Healthcare organizations are embracing new technologies day after day and they are building digital marketing strategies that directly target an incre0asing number of physicians day after day.