A new era in the marketing of medical devices has begun after the Internet became a broker in all sales and purchases of various products and devices,

Today, it is imperative that all medical equipment companies aspiring to succeed and grow to consider digital marketing to achieve better selling results with less investment.

What are Upper Medic’s Services for Medical Devices and Equipment Digital Marketing?

Upper Medic is the first and largest company in Egypt specialized in this field, and it offers many different strategies that are compatible with different types of companies according to its marketing philosophy and consumer segments that it targets.

You can choose from 3 different digital marketing packages, which include a variety of services between:

Website Administration

  • Adding Good Content: Publishing one to three articles per week to your website’s blog. By analyzing the quality of your content and its compliance with search engine rules and adding value to your audience, your website will become your audience’s destination and an excellent marketing tool.
  • Running Google ads: With search ads from Google, you can easily exceed your competitors and capture search results, thus reaching the audience who is looking for your products directly.

Create a website

  • Creating an online store: If the medical products and devices are multiple and available for sale to the public or even for business, but on a large scale, creating an online store may be an ideal choice for you, because you can display all of your products to your audience and complete the online sales.
  • Company portfolio: companies that have been operating in the medical devices market for a long time and depend on their name and reputation to achieve revenue must catch up. Without a website for the company, no one will know the history of the company or its customers and reputation.
  • Promotion of devices in the Landing Pages: Whether you are an exclusive agent for a new device or a distributor for a specific medical device and want to stimulate its sales, in particular, the creation of a dedicated landing page for this device will definitely boost its sales, which is provided by your customers.

Manage social media ads

  • Facebook leads generation ads: This type of ads is specially designed to allow you to obtain the data of customers interested in buying, as Facebook asks everyone who clicks on the ad to add specific data that you choose, you can compile a list of interested customers and submit it to the sales team to harvest direct sales.
  • Engagement ads: the modern consumer usually tends to make the decision to buy from the brand names he feels belonging to (or what is called customer loyalty). To achieve this loyalty, the best thing any business can do is interact positively with the target audience, by adding information, tips and ideas, asking questions and creating a constructive discussion about the needs of the public, their ideas and perhaps their complaints and suggestions, as well as promoting products and highlighting their advantages.

What is the Importance of Digital Marketing for the Medical Devices Market?

We do not deny the importance of attending trade shows and meeting doctors in person, but digital marketing is a more effective way to promote your products 24/7.

Also, with a successful marketing strategy, you can target physicians interested in finding your products and communicate with them in the simplest way to convert them into customers.

The days are over when you can gain market share with traditional marketing methods, and rely on them to drive rates of selling devices to grow, according to the statistics:

  • 71% of buyers search on Google when they think about buying.
  • 62% of them finalize their choice based on the information and content they find on websites and social media.

So when you think about reaching today’s doctors and medical laboratory owners, you need to market your company’s medical devices and equipment with a set of strategies that target your audience during their online search journey.

How Do We Market for Medical Devices and Equipment Online?

We work with you to set practical and measurable goals that will help you increase revenue, improve marketing costs, and increase the distinctiveness of your brand in the market. By designing a customized strategy that includes digital marketing services that are consistent and effective.

1- Analyzing the performance of your company and competitors online

This first step is of huge benefit. Through a comprehensive analysis done by Upper Medic, we will identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of your company from a digital marketing perspective. Including practical ideas that you can take to fill in any gaps and advance in the competition for medical equipment sales.

We will provide you with personalized recommendations on how to improve your online presence and performance.

2- Start preparing and writing good content to improve your presence in the medical devices market online

The future of marketing lies within creating valuable content. As any buyer browses many pages looking for useful content about the devices they want.

He wants to know their typical use, methods of operation, handling, and maintenance, as well as different prices and types. Certainly, he has chosen you, he wants to know easily your address and ways to communicate with you.

Attract more customers with content marketing strategies that significantly increase your sales growth. It creates a library of information within their reach, easily accessible through computers and smartphones, which facilitates the decision to purchase.

Look at the following statistics:

  • Small blogging companies get 126% more growth than small blogging companies.
  • 82% of consumers feel more positive about the company after reading good quality content.
  • Content marketing generates more than three times the number of customers expected from external marketing, although its cost is considered 62% less.

Want to create content that builds your company as a premium brand and helps your customers make better decisions? Contact us to do it right and your website will appear on Google’s first page on relevant keyword searches.

3- Marketing on Facebook

41% of customers are affected by content on social media when making purchasing decisions.

Creating Facebook-funded ads is a good choice for marketing medical devices because it offers many benefits such as:

  • A specific audience can be assigned to watch the advertisement, to easily target doctors and medical laboratory owners.
  • Reach the broadest audience possible with the lowest cost, and increase your ad audience’s conversion rate to customers.
  • Provides the corporate image in the minds of clients.
  • It helps collect data – including contact information – about new and potential customers.

4- Improve and develop your company’s website

63% of customers prefer to find the website of the company they wish to purchase their medical devices and equipment. 75% of people admit that they may judge the company’s credibility based on their website design.

In today’s business world, every company needs a website that works as your virtual sales representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website must be modern, mobile-friendly, and able to convert visitors into potential customers.

That is why your website is your most important marketing asset, and if it doesn’t work professionally to grow your sales, then it’s time to create a new website or optimize the site.

Contact Upper Medic so that doctors can find everything they need to know about your medical devices and equipment while adding technical information, their uses and classification, and the technical terms commonly used during the marketing process.

The website can be improved by:

  • Increasing keyword rankings services through search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Generate more site visits with Google Adwords.
  • Use high-quality photos and videos.
  • Add more call to action advertising messages.
  • Design an online store to display your medical devices and equipment in a coordinated and attractive manner.

What is the Benefit of Setting Up An Online Store for Medical Devices Companies?

Creating an online store for your medical devices is one of the strongest steps to help you succeed in sales. The doctor will not find it easier than browsing the internet to find the device that he wants to buy, so your online store will appear and provide him with useful details about the device, its uses, and the duration of its warranty.

Certainly, the doctor will no longer think only to contact you because you will become the professional seller for him, and all of this is because you gave him what he needs to know in the easiest way.

To attract more customers through the online store, you must:

  • Organize the online store well.
  • Improve the user experience by making the search and navigation process easier.
  • Provide information, images, and videos in a coordinated manner.
  • Professionally put your contact information in the right place.

To arrange your company’s medical store online we will:

  • Correctly classify medical devices: create custom sections and improve the user’s on-site experience so that they reach exactly what they want.
  • Using the promotional description for each device: By highlighting the advantages of medical devices and their usefulness to the user, we help the audience know exactly what they want and make a purchase decision.
  • Professional-Quality Photo Placement: With professional product photography sessions, audiences can preview the device as if it were in their hands.

What are the Advantages of Medical Devices and Equipment Companies’ Digital Marketing?

  • It gives you a permanent presence online: Starting to create a digital presence such as a website and pages on social media platforms is a permanent investment because your digital platforms will work as a non-stop selling tool. The website is available 24/7, and the public can interact with your social media at any time.
  • Building a relationship of trust and loyalty with customers: Modern consumer behavior has changed and almost everyone is searching online before trusting any brand name, if you do not have a good online presence, you are losing a large segment of consumers.
  • It delivers amazing results at lower costs: without the need for rental, labor, or other expenses for traditional businesses, online marketing and advertising for the medical devices sector means massive savings in the long term.

It is easy for customers to reach your address and contact numbers: You will become five seconds away from any consumer who wants to interact with you or buy from you, with a few clicks he will reach you whether he wants your address or a number to communicate or order a product directly.