Access to an effective digital presence for doctors requires a good relationship with their audience online; No one wants to interact with a doctor who deals with his potential online patients in an unattractive ways, But be careful: if a doctor is trying to build a good relationship with his audience in the wrong ways, he may put his reputation at risk, For example, if you are giving medical advice to the public, but it does not suit all people, you may be exposed to complaints that offend your reputation. In this article, Upper Medic gives you five guaranteed tactics to build a good relationship with your audience online.

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1. Be Human

One of the most important features of the Internet is that it gave the public a high sense of accessibility, so they feel that they can communicate in a human way (even symbolically in the form of admiration, comment or participation) with important people, and doctors in the life of the average person is very important person, Do not isolate yourself in the vicinity of work colleagues and study, but give patients a chance to snoop safely, give them some of your humanitarian aspects, such as the participation of some images in the workplace, or writing normally without complex medical terms, this human interaction gives the public a sense of psychological communication With patients and bridges of psychological link between you and your audience.

2. Post periodically

The Internet is hungry for content, and it also hates the vacuum. Unless you are there, the network will fill the void with another content. Make the web posting periodically so as not to lose contact with your audience.

3. Respond to messages, but not by yourself

As we said in Number 1, the public’s feeling of availability is inevitable in the Internet, but we do not want the order to turn against you. You get hundreds of free consultation requests every day that drain your efforts and ask you to respond. At the same time, you cannot ignore them. Leave the Messages to your assistant so that he converts cases that require medical examination to bookings in the clinic.

4. Give your audience a real value

Online followers, especially those who follow doctors’ accounts, pages and websites, seek real value from this follow-up, give them tips (be careful, general, clear and specific warnings and side effects if misused) and instructions and guidelines to help them improve their lives. That value will maintain a continuous follow-up rate, and good growth for the number of followers.

5. Post different types of content, and get feedback

Do you know boredom? It is the first enemy of the Internet. If you always publish one form of content, the audience, as normal human beings, will feel bored over time. Be sure to diversify the content you publish periodically.
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