Most doctors recently manage an online presence for their clinics, which is, of course, good and leads to good results if done in the right way. In this article from Upper Medic, we will explain some common marketing mistakes that you should never make when digitally marketing for your clinic.

Not using paid ads

It is important to start publishing your content, whether it is medical or promotional. But how will people know about your website, blog, or social media pages in the first place? Therefore, paid advertising methods such as Google and Facebook ads should be used.

Using inappropriate language while posting content

The doctor may wish to present his medical expertise and provide real information benefit to his patients, but he usually fails because of his incorrect use of words or expressions. All complex medical terms must be avoided, and everything that the average patient cannot understand. Finally, the information is provided to a large group of people of different cultures, so providing medical information in the easiest possible way is the best solution.

Convert your platforms into a boring advertising page

Patients will not come to you because of the prices of your distinguished services only, or even the large number of available services. They will come to you when they feel that you are sharing their problems and work to solve them! Therefore, you must present and solve your patient’s problems.

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Not identifying your audience before starting the marketing process for your clinic:

This will not deliver the desired results, as you must – as mentioned previously – know the problems of your patients, and this will only be done by carefully identifying your patients and writing the content related to them and their problems until they are interested in your follow-up.

Not publishing continuously

When creating a blog or medical page, you must write consistently and continuously, until your followers always find what they can follow! You must also answer their questions and inquiries periodically to feel permanent care and attention, and from here begins the relationship of trust.

No clear call to action

After reading your medical articles in general, and your medical publications in particular, you should direct your followers on what to do in the next stage, which will help them later in deciding to visit your clinic.