When a physician is trying to create a foothold for online presence for his activities, the first thing that usually comes to mind is to create a Facebook business page that displays services, features, and examples of his work added to, and communicate with his/her audience. That sounds like an intelligent choice! but let’s analyze the subject situation a little bit more and ask an important question;Do doctors really need a facebook page?
The Answer is NO!, Let’s clarify the 3 main points that led us to this answer.

First, Facebook pages are free and easy to build


but after you create it, you have to invest in ads to reach your audience. The organic reach on Facebook is close to nearly zero, which means that if you do not invest in Facebook ads; your page will get no show on the internet and you’ll not be visible to your audience.

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Second, when you create a Facebook business page, and start your marketing activities, you will go through a long period of no results, which is the stage of  building the base of followers and fans that you will target them in later phases.

Five Myths about Medical Marketing

According to ADWEEK, Facebook marketing goes through five stages, starting with brand awareness and building a customer base. At this stage, you should not expect any results because you are building an initial targetable base.
Third, If you are not prepared to spend a lot, lot  of time, it often will not work! Let me tell you something about Facebook; it is the most dynamic, time consuming website in the world,  building your own base on Facebook requires spending much time to follow, respond and listen to what is happening among your audience, what  are they saying and doing so that you can know what works and what does not work for your brand. once you stop engaging with your audience you will be forgotten.  Facebook acts like nature where the stronger survives. And being strong is to always engage with your audience. Facebook hates the void and always fill it with others than you.

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Based on the previous three points, we can dedicate that not all doctors  need a Facebook page to start their online presence. They must have own enough financial resources to bear the costs of building a customer base, then other financial resources for audience engagement. And then a lot of time, So this model (Facebook business page for doctors)  fits only  medical organizations, but it doesn’t fit with small clinics.

How could Upper Medic reach a consensus?

Upper Medic could solve this problem through creating the smart marketing system for clinics, which depends on the following axes points:


1. Building an active network of social media channels accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram. These accounts would act as channels that give high value, through introducing high quality medical content and therefore the doctor does not  need to invest in the stage of creating a customer base, as it we already exists.
2. We have developed our triple arrow strategy that has proven to be successful in developing clinics online marketing process of clinics on the Internet professionally and effectively and get results directly, simply; in a professional and effective way we lead to direct results.
3. We managed to remove all of the complex administrative activities that consume the  marketing budgets for doctors, in order to build a system of work that makes the entire investment advertising pumped to reach marketing results.uses all of the resources effectively and efficiently so as to reach our desired objectives.