In 2018, we realize that some brands have gained considerable strength. When you remember Starbucks or Apple’s bitten Apple or the iconic typography of Coca-Cola, we stand at one of the world’s biggest brands. The brand name is made through steps, ways and tactics that differ somewhat from a field to another, in this article by Upper Medic we illustrate the tactics that a doctor can take in order to build an effective trade name for his/her personal name.

First: Know your strengths

The brand name is simply a set of promises and commitments made by the organization towards the customer. Therefore, this brand is associated with these promises. Some brands are related to quality and some are linked to the distinguished service and some are linked to the wonderful taste. Therefore, you have to choose the strengths that you want this brand to express. If you think you’re running the most sterilization clinic in your area, that’s a strength point. If you have an academic degrees that many of your peers do not have that’s a strength point, then if you’re doing rare operations or serving a certain group of patients that’s a strength point, Know your strengths well.

Second: Choose your target audience accurately

If you want to build a brand name as the best Gynecology doctor in the area, you should not waste your marketing efforts on reaching unmarried men, women and children. It is true that these efforts may indirectly lead to strengthening your trade name and obtaining direct reservations but the best of course is to define the target group marketing efforts to target them accurately and get the best return from the budget.

Third: Make promises, and abide by them.

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التسويق الإلكتروني الناجح لعيادات الأسنان

Do not forget that your journey to building a brand name depends mainly on a set of characteristics (strength points) that you promise to the public, Always make sure that those promises are fulfilled. If you are building your trade name as a viable economic institution for multiple segments, make sure that you do not disperse the recipient with a marketing
message that you reach and then do not find it on the ground. This could lead to Brand crisis
Four: Show a fit and coherent appearance
There is no successful and incoherent brand name. Always stick to the Guidelines file to keep your visual identity clear and specific. Use a clear language and do not move from style to style. This makes you evaporate from your customers’ mind. Simply identify and stick to your brand name.
The Smart Marketing System for Clinics from Upper Medic shortens the duration of building an effective brand name for doctors by more than 50%