7 stages to create a successful medical website

Many people believe that creating and designing a successful medical website depends solely on the programming process, and although programming or coding represents an essential part of website development, in reality there are seven important stages that any successful medical website design project must go through, which are collecting information, planning. Design, content writing, programming, launch, and ongoing maintenance. We will learn in detail about each stage of creating a successful medical website in this article.

The first stage: collecting information from the client

One of the most important stages of designing a successful medical website is collecting information from the client, and when agreeing to develop a website with Upper Medic Company, our first step is to hold meetings with representatives of your medical institution to listen to ideas and aspirations, and to collect the information contained in files such as information about the medical facility and identity files. Visual and others, because it is an important stage in creating a successful medical website and marketing your medical center.

The stage of collecting information during the implementation of a software project

This stage does not include the work of the programming team or the design team, but it represents the base upon which the work is built later. If the correct information is collected in the correct manner, all the stages of creating a successful medical website later will be established on sound foundations, including the planning step, which cannot be In case there is not enough information.

The information collection stage takes one to two working weeks

The second stage: planning and building the initial wireframe

At this stage of creating a successful medical website, the information collected during planning is used to build a basic structure, usually drawn by free hand or using simple design tools, so that it gives the client the ability to visualize the final form of the project and measure the extent of compatibility with the vision of the team. Designing with the client’s aspirations, and modifying the shape to achieve practical business goals.

At this stage, a final map of the site is drawn up that the design team can work on. This map includes the main and sub-pages, sections, basic features, etc. During the planning phase, it is required that the client react positively to avoid a radical modification later that affects the schedule.

The planning stage takes two to six weeks of work in the medical website design journey.

The third stage: designing, reviewing and modifying pages

Starting from this stage of building a successful website, the business can see tangible results on which it can add important comments. The team of designers at Upper Medic designs the pages of the website and sends them successively through various correspondence methods to obtain comments on them, whether for approval or requesting specific amendments, until all the pages that were previously planned on the planning page are completed.

The primary deliverable from the design phase is a complete website layout, usually uploaded to an interactive visualization application such as Invision or XD so that the client can navigate between pages and clearly anticipate the end result.

The design phase takes from four to ten working weeks.

Fourth stage: Writing content for all pages of the website

The content stage is one of the most important stages in creating a successful medical website, in which neglect may cause the project to not achieve its practical goals upon launch. Therefore, the content writing team at Upper Medk participates in all stages of the work with active listening so that it can write high-quality creative content that is compatible with the goals for which the project was launched.

The content writing stage takes from one to three work weeks.

The fifth stage: Coding of the interfaces, the system, and the control panel

One of the most important stages of creating a successful medical website is the programming stage. This is the stage in which the team of programmers does the essential work, which is converting content and designs into programming codes that carry out specific tasks. Here, the front-end programmers cooperate with the back-end system programmers to bring the project to light.

Also, the programming stage is what determines the efficiency of the website for end-use and its compatibility with search engines (SEO), through organized and high-quality programming code.

The programming phase takes from four to ten work weeks.

Phase Six: Review, testing, and project launch

Finally, after programming the website, it is possible to reach the sixth stage of creating a successful medical website, reviewing all pages and features by the work team and also by the client, where tests are conducted to simulate the user experience and ensure that the website works efficiently in all aspects and without programming or programming problems. Moving between pages, for example.

Tests are also being conducted to simulate the influx of a large number of visitors to the site and other scenarios. If there are any comments, they are implemented and then the project is launched, which is considered the final stage in designing a medical website.

The review and project launch phase takes one to two working weeks.

Seventh stage: technical support, management, and continuous development

During the stages of creating a successful medical website, Upper Medic provides its clients with post-launch services, namely technical support, managing the website and updating it periodically with content and news, as well as continuous development of the programming and design work.

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