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The Most Renowned Digital Marketing Company in Egypt

Digital marketing is a combination of modern communication techniques and regular marketing basics. The Internet has become the first resort for millions of consumers to get what they want from products and find the best offers. Nowadays, every individual or company seeks the optimum marketing solutions for its services and products. It has become imperative to follow modern digital marketing methods to reach the target audience and persuade them to choose you through attractive offers and give the consumer the required confidence in your clinic or medical center and its services.

In the medical marketing field, Upper Medic excelled in recent years over other companies in gaining the healthcare centers and private clinics’ confidence. They found Upper Medic as the best way to reach larger numbers of potential patients.

Upper Medic has a professional cadre of consultants in the medical and creative digital marketing fields for clinics and medical centers. It includes a distinguished group of designers and specialists to produce advertising content that attracts more audiences and meets all their needs impressively and creatively.

The company always strives to reach the highest levels in the field of digital medical marketing in Egypt and the Arabian Gulf. Through finding quick solutions for each customer to reach the largest possible segment through websites, social networks, and many of the latest modern marketing methods.

Digital Marketing Companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Egyptian marketing companies are working to reach the international standards of digital marketing and online advertising. These companies follow carefully studied plans and strategies to gain clients and gain their confidence in obtaining the best possible results and reaching more people.

The work of digital marketing companies requires a large amount of unprecedented creativity, and the ability to create modern marketing means that they keep pace with the times and grab the target audience’s attention. Besides, gaining the confidence of the consumer in the company and its products, and engaging them.

The need for digital marketing companies has increased in recent years to catch up with the development in all areas of advertising. Competition has become fierce among these companies, which has made creativity and innovation a key factor in the continuation of their work and their control of the market.

Lately, a group of digital marketing agencies has emerged in Egypt. Each of them works with all the available resources to continuously develop and be up-to-date with marketing – from designing websites, 3D graphics, logos, and social media pages of companies and various institutions.

But How Does Upper Medic Stand out from Other Competitors?

Upper Medic works on choosing the optimal way for digital marketing, and always strives for excellence and creativity in proposing and implementing advanced ideas and designs that are relevant to the rapid progress in the fields of marketing and advertising. It succeeded in winning the satisfaction and respect of clients in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Middle East, and the world. Thanks to Upper Medic, the brand and name of these clients became prominent and well-known in the medical community.

It distinguished itself in creating an integrated marketing strategy for any medical activity and managing reputation and achieving a high reach on social media. In addition to developing a client’s website for the approval of SEO – that it has a priority in appearing at the top of search results – thus achieving rapid growth in business and an increase in the number of visitors to the website and clinic.

Here is what distinguishes Upper Medic from its competitors in its online marketing services:

Managing social media platforms

Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) are a major link between the physician and his patients, so providing effective management of the physician’s accounts on these platforms guarantees a strong interaction with his audience and increases his chances of reaching a greater number of patients looking for the doctor’s specialty.

When we talk about effective social media management, Upper Medic is distinguished by the presence of an integrated team with high experience to manage all your activities on social media platforms. Among the most famous companies in managing social media accounts is InsideOut Today, Brighter, and DigiSay.

Ad spending management

Managing advertising spending in digital marketing is one of the most important steps that you must study well before starting any marketing campaign for your clinic or medical center. You must fairly manage your financial expenditures on social media platforms in which your potential customers are concentrated to achieve the best results.

Upper Medic is distinguished in this area for its interest in every step in managing your advertising expenses by determining the type of target audience and the social media platform to attract the largest possible audience base. Without planning, your losses will be greater than your gains and you will not achieve any of the goals of the ads. One of the most well-known agencies in the field of social media advertising spending management in Egypt is Ripplemark, Digitree

Google Ads Management

Some people often think that “search” is the only function of Google, but it is not just a search engine. If you are looking for Google Ads tools, but you have not yet started on your journey to Pay Per Click- PPC marketing, then we must start by looking at the advantages of creating a funded advertisement on Google, as it costs the target customer just one click and reaches 80% of internet users worldwide.

That is why Upper Medic manages your ads on Google very professionally by analyzing your direct and indirect competitors and tracking the results of your ads on Google and verifying if they are heading in the right direction to achieve the best results. Among the most famous agencies working in this field are Ingredients Egypt, MRCO-Egypt, IMeSolutions, Tree Ad Agency, Denver PPC.

Writing medical content

The content of medical sector websites and health-related fields should provide scientific information commensurate with the level of understanding of the target audience, i.e., patients, the general public, or doctors.

For the doctor’s website to be a reliable source of information, it needs to increase the patients’ confidence in the doctor and turn them into actual patients.

Therefore, Upper Medic provides a team of doctors and pharmacists specializing in medical content writing following the publishing rules for each of the social media platforms separately. Among the most famous agencies for writing digital content in the medical field or other fields are Eureka-digital, CONTENT. plus, DigiSay.

Medical websites

Designing a website for a doctor is no longer just a luxury, as it has become imperative for institutions and individuals to create their websites to increase sales or improve their presence online and attract targeted patients.

No matter what your medical specialty is, you need to create a website to display your business, medical career, and success stories to add to your credibility and build a strong bridge of trust between you and your patients.

In Upper Medic, we help you build this bridge by creating your medical website by specifying the domain that your customers can find you through on Google. As well as designing the website’s interface in a way that grabs the attention of your followers and adds a positive impact on them.

There are also several agencies involved in website creation and development: Massive E-Commerce Technology, The Seven Layers, Elmotaheda Web, SONAMAK.

Online reputation management

No matter how advanced the services of your clinic are, or the skills and experience that you possess, your reputation may be affected on social media platforms due to negative comments or patient opinions about a particular service that you provide.

So, you need to manage your online reputation to control those small setbacks before they cause major damage to your name as a doctor.

Through Upper Medic, your online reputation is managed to combat any negative allegations by addressing them directly through the following strategies:

Using the SEO feature

Upper Medic offers search engine optimization (SEO) as a means to keep your brand presence among the first search pages when you search for your name or the name of your clinic. After all, statistics show that customers click on the first search result 10 times more than the rest of the results.

Among the most famous agencies that provide SEO service as well:

Mash World, Sendian Creations, Mortimer Harvey, SEO Egypt

Establish a positive and effective online presence

At Upper Medic, we strive to establish a strong presence for you on social media platforms by:

  • Creating a page on various social media platforms.
  • Reviewing negative comments on your page.
  • Responding to patients’ questions, either by direct correspondence or by posting on social media.

As quick responses to inquiries prevent negative comments from spreading and make it clear to the client or patient that you prioritize their help and invest in solving their problems – and that you are ultimately there to serve them.

The field of managing social media accounts to establish a positive presence and manage online reputation includes many agencies such as Yellow Media, Penvlit.

Market analysis

Marketing strategy is the comprehensive plan that is specially designed to achieve the marketing goals of individuals or organizations. It is designed after detailed market research to obtain the best profitable opportunities.

Marketing strategy at Upper Medic begins with thorough research and analysis of the market, taking into account your ideal target customer, what your competitors are doing, and what marketing trends might be taken into consideration. In addition to fixing your previous advertising budget, to increase the revenue generated by the advertising plan.

With this information, you can determine what benefit your clients or patients want, what they are willing to pay, and how you can differentiate yourself and your service among your competitors.

Among the most famous agencies working in the field of developing marketing strategies:

8 Digital Marketing, Rekoya, Toolbox Marketing Consulting, Indigo Media

Medical media production

Since your main goal in medical digital marketing is to convert your target audience into permanent customers. Media – including animations, photos, and videos – aims to use distinctively visual elements that facilitate the patient’s understanding of complex matters and push him – if he is targeted – to buy or search for a service.

Therefore, in Upper Medic, we put you on solid ground in front of your patients and clients through our specialized team that analyzes the specifications of your target audience and the topics they are interested in and then design the visual media that encourages them to interact, such as:

Graphic design

Graphic design is booming in the digital marketing field today. Pictures and graphics have a great impact on attracting patients or clients, as it is an “art” or skill that combines text and images in advertisements to promote a strong brand or a specific work. It only takes a few seconds for your patients to feel linked to your brand or clinic logo. This makes creative elements extremely important for promoting your business and achieving your goals.

Among the most famous agencies specializing in graphic design: Remark, Buonodesign, Spectrick

Medical video production

Video and Marketing are two sides of the same coin, from the traditional 1960s TV ads to YouTube and Snapchat to Facebook Live, it’s no secret that video has become a staple in our daily lives.

Video marketing provides clinicians or business owners with an attractive and versatile way to reach their audiences.

Therefore, at Upper Medic, we strive to use video marketing for doctors’ pages by producing videos about patient opinions, or educational videos for patients, or explaining the doctor’s services.

Other leading agencies in the field of video production include:

Hive-Studio, Pointer Advertising, RASANS, Designs Agency, New Step Media, BIG MOVE PRODUCTION.

Motion graphics and animation production

Motion graphics are videos that rely entirely on animations to clarify a specific matter to your audience or provide tips with illustrative animations to help your patients, inspire them and direct them to take action in favor of your brand or services as a doctor and create a trust-based relationship between you and your customers.

In Upper Medic, we write the medical content to be displayed in the motion video, then, the graphic design team starts designing the video and animating the appropriate graphics for the content.

Among the most famous Motion Graphics video design agencies:

KICKERS Digital Advertising Agency, Market Valley, In-house Creative Studio.

Designing visual identity and branding for the medical sector

Visual identity is more than just a logo; it is made up of marketing and visual materials that form your brand in the mind of your consumer and distinguish you from competitors. The design of the visual identity is the basis of any corporate or brand work, even clinics, and medical centers. So, your visual identity is your image that builds your brand, and it is the first impression you make on your patients or clients.

In Upper Medic, we do not just create an identity that attracts their interest. Then choose the appropriate logo for your specialty or activity, and the colors that express the type of this activity.

Popular agencies for designing visual identities and brands: MotchiRotchi, Rainbow Agency, Here You Go Advertising, Addmark Group.

So Upper Medic will perfectly manage your business’ marketing activities. 

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