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Video Marketing for Health care providers

Why Promotional Videos?

The promotional video for doctors, hospitals, and medical centers may look like an advanced form of advertising, but Google statistics tell us that it is one of the essential steps that are essential in any medical marketing campaign.

Statistics prove:

-76% of advertisers who used video in promotions said they had a good return on ad investment.

– 80% is the rate of increase of the conversion rate (reservation at a hospital / medical center / clinic) on landing pages containing promotional video.

-30% of patients take the booking step with the medical service provider after watching the promotional video.

Types of Videos:

There are many types of video marketing for the medical sector, all of which aim to ultimately increase interaction from the target audience and thus increase the rate of conversions for the activity.

These types can be specified in:

1.    Promotional video “To Define Practice”:  In this format, the focus of audio and visual content on the final customer definition of the provider of medical service and medical practices used.You can see the video example of the activity here:

2-   Promotional video “To Introduce the Doctor”:  This form is not addressed directly to medical practices, the doctor talks about himself and his medical expertise, the audio and visual content is dedicated to create a state of personalization at the end customer, thus strengthening the psychological relationship with providers of medical services in the activity in question.You can see an example video of the doctor here:

3-   Promotional video “Testimonials and Experiences of Patients”: This form of video helps the final customer to make a final decision when watching the experiences of other patients and their experience with the medical institution concerned. Watch closely how your medical performance has helped improve the lives of others. This format is most effective if it is applied correctly.An example video testimonials and patient experiences can be seen here:

1.    Promotional Video “Medical Performance”:  This video format works to visualize the steps of medical practice step by step, encouraging the final customer to make positive decision; this type of video is highly effective.An example can be seen here:

5.   Promotional Video “FAQ”:  This form enhances the positive relationship between the provider and the end customer, and helps to position the provider as a professional in his field. Video responses to patient questions usually capture a very large number of views because patients are constantly looking for answers to their questions on the web.

Where to publish your promotional video? –          Publish it in a visible place within your website.-          Publish it on social networking platforms, and make it available to everyone.-          Post on video hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, this media channels make the video available permanently and for everyone.-          Send it via email promotion campaigns, if you use a system to promote email, sending high-quality video will have a great payoff.


How to start? In Upper Medic we take great care of your promotional video, analyze your activity, choose the advertising plan that brings you the best revenue with the right budget, contact us to help you select and implement your video promotion plan.


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