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01 Feb

Healthcare Marketing, When Doctors are the audience

التسويق الرقمى للاطباء

For a long period of time, we have been watching the same techniques and tactics used by medical and pharmaceutical organizations in order to sell their products or services to healthcare practitioners; which is direct sales. The larger, better trained and highly qualified sales teams are the ones who could

29 Jan

Human interaction between doctors and patients

The medical marketer moves throughout the marketing process cautiously holding three threads within his hands that include: Appreciation and prestige barrier that stands between the doctor and the patient, the seriousness of the illness that requires strict treatment system added to the extensive need of the patient to directly communicate

14 Jan

Branding your medical practice

In 2018, we realize that some brands have gained considerable strength. When you remember Starbucks or Apple’s bitten Apple or the iconic typography of Coca-Cola, we stand at one of the world’s biggest brands. The brand name is made through steps, ways and tactics that differ somewhat from a field

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