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Human interaction between doctors and patients

The medical marketer moves throughout the marketing process cautiously holding three threads within his hands that include: Appreciation and prestige barrier that stands between the doctor and the patient, the seriousness of the illness that requires strict treatment system added to the extensive need of the patient to directly communicate with his patient. If the marketer loses any of these threads, the marketing campaign would fail to reach its goal.

Throughout the medical marketing process, marketer must be dealing with the case as a human being, not as a machine as the patient exists in a very weak state as a result of his need to be better; so dealing emotionlessly would increase the isolation between patient and physician, but the humanization of the content – converting content into an engagement one – without breaking the barrier of appreciation and prestige would be the ideal scenario.

Patients interact more with humans, not brand names!

Even if you want your business brand name to grow and flourish, always remember that this name is often translated into the mind of your current and future patients to a group of human qualities, meaning that they are going to evaluate your own personality by telling that you are friendly, gentle and intelligent for example. This would be your real brand name and these would be their criteria. And no doubt these criteria are very humanistic!

If you are telling some sort of scientific information to your patients without any interactivity, believing that you are benefiting them and satisfying their needs, you would be wrong as human beings specially patients need to interact and engage and feel being cared of.

Let them know you exist

One of the most important forms of medical marketing videos is the “Meet the Doctor” form, in which the physician introduces himself, talks about his medical experience, etc. You should think that this video would not give real “value” to patients; as you are present in a video clip talking about yourself! However, these types of videos would build credibility and human interactivity with your patients.

No one would like to be fully cured by a machine; Trust is a feeling that is built between humans and each other in the first degree, Thus, the forms of marketing that rely on balanced humanism, like the videos we are producing, contribute greatly to the creation of effective human communication which would be also effective in marketing process as well.

Identify your brand name

If you realize that patients translate your clinic’s brand name into a group of human qualities, you must make this brand name alive with an integrated human identity!

Before starting a marketing campaign, the brand name must be well-studied and the dimensions of its “personality” would be identified. It is true that it is a virtual online personality but we make it act like an interactive person with humanistic criteria.

Your business brand may be strictly formal, but it must be treated like a human being, even the strict, clear, precise human being can involve emotionally with others which would increase familiarity, awareness, and thus the conversion rate.


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