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12 Feb

Digital Marketing for Hospitals – Episode 2 – Prepare your plan

Previously on our Digital Marketing for Hospital series, we have discussed the basics required to be established prior to designing a digital marketing plan. Building a marketing plan varies depending on the very specific criteria of each hospital that may include: Kind of services provided, hospital’s history, its location, available

08 Feb

Digital Marketing for Hospitals – Episode 1 – The Basics

التسويق للمستشفيات

Have you ever gone online to learn about a new mobile’s price, or to determine where your favorite movie is being showed or to book a room for your next vacation? Sure you did! The traditional buying and selling processes have been changed along with methods of data gathering! The

01 Feb

Healthcare Marketing, When Doctors are the audience

التسويق الرقمى للاطباء

For a long period of time, we have been watching the same techniques and tactics used by medical and pharmaceutical organizations in order to sell their products or services to healthcare practitioners; which is direct sales. The larger, better trained and highly qualified sales teams are the ones who could

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